About Us

Welcome to CrossFit Sugar Land!!

Our mission at CFSL is to bring a higher quality of fitness to all walks of life in the area,so we can come together as a tightknit community, to achieve all of your health and fitness goals. This is not your typical gym with the same old workout machines, same old treadmills, same old routine, and same old results... We strive to make you better by being different!

CrossFit Sugar Land will bring you high intensity, constantly varied, fully functional workout routines that will help you be successful in your everyday activities.We will be mixing in athletic conditioning, kettle bells, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, medicine ball and dumbbell training, gymnastics,power-lifting, rowing, running,and more...When we bring all of these principles together, we can start building a solid base that will allow you to excel at any situation thrown your way. Whether your goal isto lose weight, build muscle, gain endurance, be more flexible, keep up with the kids, hit a golf ball further, ortake onthe CrossFit Games,CFSL will be getting you one step closer to achieving those goals in an environment full of like-minded, hardworking members of our community who are ready to have fun while doing it. It doesn't matter if you're an expert or novice, CFSL is a place for all of us to come together to work hard, and play harder!!

We are still a smaller CrossFit gym with members who are working hard at learning the basics for their CrossFit knowledge. Classes are small (almost all under 5 per class), so all of our members are getting hands on attention in every class. This will help speed up your learning curve tremendously, plus make sure you are always using proper technique to make you as safe as possible while lifting.My goal is to make sure each member has all of the base knowledge they need to become a successful crossfitter before ever worrying about time, reps or personal records. All of those things will come along if you are lifting safely and pushing yourself everyday you come in!

When was the last time you looked forward to going to the gym? If the answer is never, sounds like it’s time for a change!

It's TIME to get FIT!!

CrossFit Sugar Land is a place for our community to come together to start making a difference in each others lives. We strive to make high intensity, fast paced, fully functional workouts a part of your life so you can start to push yourself in ways you didn’t know possible. You will find yourself actually looking forward to coming to the gym every day, not only to get a fantastic workout, but to start helping others push through their workouts and start making long lasting friendships that you will be able to carry with you beyond the gym walls. CrossFit is much more than athletic conditioning, kettle bells, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, medicine ball and dumbbell training, gymnastics,power-lifting, rowing, and running. It’s about finding a place for everyone to check their egos at the door to have a fun environment to be competitive with yourself and friends. We will be putting together adult sports teams, BBQ’s, trips, and more so we can all start getting more out of life. Work hard!! Play Harder!!