Steven Bolt

Steven Bolt- Owner/Main CrossFit and CrossFit Kids Instructor

L1-Crossfit Cert. (Feb. 2011)

Olympic Lifting Cert. (Feb. 2013

CrossFit Kids Cert. (March 2013)

Steven grew up an athlete.  Playing sports his entire life, he has always loved competing and the comradery it brings to people.  Steven grew up in Houston, and after graduating from UH, he started working for My Fit Foods as a Nutritional Coach.  It was while working at My Fit Foods that he and his wife were first officially introduced to CrossFit.  Like mainly others, his first WOD was brutal, eye opening, even slightly embarrassing, but one thing was for certain! He was hooked and he'd be back for more!!  CrossFit gave him back the competitive edge so many lose after finishing their high school or collegiate sports careers.  After spending time working out at his original Box and finding out he and his wife would be expecting their first child, it was time to open a gym close to where his new family would be settling down in Sugar Land in Oct. 2011. 

Since then, Steven has done the best he can to continue his education in CrossFit Training, and has made it his personal goal to help everyone he can to have the best, safest CrossFit experience they possibly can have!  He is constantly trying new programing and methods to ensure everyone has an opportunity to knock out their fitness goals.

Steven has enjoyed being able to compete in several CrossFit Competitions over the years since he started CrossFitting, and has continued to participate in events to not only test his skills, but to meet new people in the community and learn from their experiences.


Molly Bolt

Molly Bolt- Owner/Boot Camp Leader and CrossFit Instructor

L1- Crossfit Cert. (Mach-2012)

Molly is actually the one to blame for the CrossFit bug her and Steven both share.  It was also during her time at My Fit Foods as a Nutritional coach and General Manager that she was first introduced to CrossFit. After she talked her husband into trying out the Free Class with her and her friends, there was no looking back for either one of them.  She too had missed the competitive streak in her that she hadn't had since finishing her Cross Country running in high school, and CrossFit definitely helped fill that void.  Coming from a family where fitness and sports have always been at the forefront, she quickly fell in love with CrossFit and the community that comes along with it. 

After working for My Fit Foods for the past 5 years and continuing her nutritional education, she has decided to focus on taking her talents from the healthy food side of fitness, and focusing on directly helping people’s physical fitness at the box.  It has prevent to be a great combination! By having an instructor that has helped so many people fix their nutritional problems, it’s an easy transition to not only program great WODs and boot camps, but help with meal planning, programing, and other problems both men and women struggle with.


Dillon O'Brien


Dillon O'Brien- CrossFit Instructor

L1- CrossFit Cert. (Aug. 2014)

Dillon is a Full time Fire Fighter for the Richmond Fire Department.  He has been a cleint at CFSL since he was 19 years old, and has been a huge part of our Box since we first opened in 2011. 

He decided to take the next step in his CrossFit evolution by taking his L1-Cert to gain more knowledge and continue growth as a CrossFitter, and in doing so has started teaching classes alongside Steven and Molly.