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CrossFit Kids is a great way to get your children fit and active.  Our CF Kids classes will help develop the functional strength and power our regular CrossFit classes offer to adult clients. We want this to be a fun environment for your children to come and learn how to use their bodies to safely move loads, no matter what the size.  We know that no matter how old, there are going to be certain ability levels and we will be working with each child, as we do with our adults, on a case by case scenario to make sure their safety comes first.  Just because a child is 15 years old doesn't mean he isn't going to be expected to show the same proper technique we might be teaching our 3-5 year old athletes.  We will make sure every child is using proper technique before they are allowed to move onto the next level, and understand their safety is the most important thing when it comes to lifting weights.  We understand that there is a lot of misinformation out there about how lifting for children can be bad for them, but we are positive that not only is CF kids safe for your children, but if use properly will help keep your kids stronger and safer as they are playing youth sports and growing up.

Level 3 is our teens class (12-18).  Our teen classes will be offered 4 days per week with the expectation of seeing them 2-3 out of the four days when possible.  Teen class will be 45 min to an hour long and class will be ran more along the lines of our adult classes.  These classes will be getting teens ready for the next step once they are old enough to join regular classes.  Once we have all the fundamental movements and the ability to move light weight with proper form, we will start introducing barbell movements to our teen athletes.  This is were they will finish learning everything they need to know in functional strength, along with having the ability to move large loads.  We expect our teens to lift with 100% proper form, and if they are not meeting those expectations, they will be held back to kettle bells and dumbbells (if not less) until they are able to meet those expectations.

*There is the possibility for some kids to be moved into certain classes depending on ability level.

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Level- 12-18 years old


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10 Class Punch Card- $90

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