All new students that do not have extensive CrossFit experience will go through the OnRamp course to either get a quick refresher or to learn the techniques and exercises necessary to join regular classes. Classes will cover:

Barbell work:

Cleans (Hang, Power, Squats)
Pressing (Strict, Push, Push Jerk)
Squats (Front, Back, Overhead)

Kettle Bell Work:

KB Swings
Clean & Press
Goblet Squats
Russian Twist
Turkish Get Ups

Core Work:

Ab Mats
Med. Ball V-Ups
Russian Twist
In & Outs
Mini Wipers
Plank Holds

Plyo/Body Movements:

Box Jumps
Wall Balls
Slam Balls
Push Ups
Burpees (All Types)
Sprawl Balls (Solo and Team)
Mountain Climbers
Shoot Through
Tuck Jumps
Pull Ups (Kipping and Strict)
Body Rows
Ring Dips
And more...


Running Areas (400m, 800m and 1 mile tracks)
Jingle Jangles
Shuttle Runs
Jumping Rope (D.U's and Singles)

Types of WOD's

For Time
Death By...
and more...

Class time will be spent teaching the proper technique to the master the lifts we use most in class. Our goal is to make sure everyone comes out of OnRamp with the ability to look at a WOD and have an understanding of what they are going to do that day and feel comfortable with the doing the lifts required. We understand that you will not be perfect at everything listed above in 2 hours of class, but we will be able to take the foundation you learned in OnRmap and continue to coach/teach during classes. We want to build on your basic understanding of the movements and help you master it while getting to participate in actual WOD's in a group setting. We feel like being stuck in class for several weeks not being able to participate in regular classes takes away from what CrossFit is all about! We want you to be able to get a quick start/refresher into what we're going to be doing, and then let you start establishing your regular workout schedule in the time slot and with the people you will start to be working out with and building relationships with!!

Class Schedule:

Days: Wednesday

Time: 7:00pm

Cost: $40

Class will start every Wednesday and Thursday @ 7:00pm unless noted on the website. Please Register ONLINE before coming to class. If you do not register at least 12 hours in advanced, the class will be closed and instructors will not be available.

***Check out the "Box Calender" for extra OnRamp times in January 2015!!!