Fit Camp

Fit Camp


Fit Camp classes are for All Ability Levels and No Experience is Necessary!!

Our Fit Camp classes are built on the same basic principles CrossFit is built on (Constantly Varied, Fully Functional, High Intensity exercise).  We create a fun, exciting, and supportive one-hour class that will help you start to develope stronge cores, tone up, and build cardiovascular health!  We scale back some of the technical and heavy lifting used in our CrossFit Class, and replace that with light wiehgt, fully fuctional, interval training that will help create lean muscle mass and tone our problem areas.  These are NOT your typical park boot camp classes!  We use:

  • Rowing 
  • Medicine Balls
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettle Bells
  • Parrallettes
  • Jumps Ropes
  • Plyometic Boxes
  • Plyo Bands
  • Pull Up Bars
  • Slam Balls
  • And many other Plyometic, Calisthenic, and cardiovascular movements to bring you a boot camp experience unlike any other!!

Our Instructor Molly is a ex-nutritional consultant that is not only a excellent motivator, but is amazing at helping clients reach their personal goals though diet and exercise!!  She not only takes the time to personally get to know every clients individule goals, but can help build meal plans and bring critical experieance to your dieting needs!!

Class Schedule:

Monday- Friday:



Monday, Wednesday, Friday:



Tueday & Thurday:



*An additional 5:00am class on Wednesday morning can be made availible with request for clients

**Anyone with a small group looking at adding an additional class time not listed, please contact Molly to try to set up a time.


6 Classes- $90

8 Classes- $100

10- Classes- $110

12- Classes- $125

Unlimited- $135


*All classes purchased expire at the end of the month and do not roll over.  Excepetions can be made for anyone purchasing classes towrds the end of the month.



Molly Bolt- Instructor

(832) 415- 7296