Shaq’s hairline is disappearing faster than melting glaciers

After losing a bet to Dwyane Wade about the final score of the Heat-Bucks game Monday, Shaquille O’Neal had to show the world just how much of his hairline he has lost.

Shaq had wagered that Miami would lose by 20 points. Miami won by 16. So, Wade got to sit across from Shaq in TNT’s NBA studio Tuesday night with a smug expression as his usually clean-shaven friend exposed how much hair follicle real estate had been wiped away by time.

Shaq did manage to get in a dig at Kenny Smith, saying he resembled The Jet in terms of top-of-the-head appearance.

Later in the evening, Shaq declared himself Not Mad and Actually Laughing at all of the feedback his TV appearance had prompted.

“I look good,” Shaq said. “I don’t give a damn what y’all talking about.”

Even if he does indeed believe the look is a good one, it’s hard to see it actually lasting much longer than the first on-air spit roast at the hands of Charles Barkley. That said, Shaq has rarely been one to follow convention.

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