Team USA golfers accused of "breathtaking arrogance" after downing beers

Team USA’s Justin Thomas and Daniel Berger have been accused of “breathtaking arrogance” after downing beers at the Ryder Cup.

The American golfers celebrated a crushing display over Europe with drinks on the first tee of day two.

Beers had been chucked down from the grandstands, which the pair accepted and quickly finished.

Thomas then smashed his can into the ground in front of the crowd, with the spectators chanting "USA, USA, USA".

They had also fired up the onlookers by throwing beers into the stands for the fans to enjoy.

One Twitter user wrote: “This is what America is all about.”

With another replying: “Drinking beers and kicking Europe’s ass, nothing better.”

Meanwhile others have been less than impressed by the other-the-top antics by Thomas and Berger, with criticism being thrown their way.

Golf correspondent for Daily Mail sport Derek Lawrenson described it “breathtaking, monstrous arrogance.”

People on social media also agreed and called out their sportsmanship.

One wrote: “What kind of behaviour is that during the matches? Absolutely appalling.”

Another added: “No class as always, but it’s no surprise.”

A third also stated: “Two fantastic golfers and, on the basis of this behaviour, two disrespectful idiots. Absolutely horrendous.”

Can Team Europe produce one of the biggest comebacks of all-time? Let us know in the comments section.

Moments of joy for Team USA at the Ryder Cup have been in short supply during recent times.

Since 2002, they have only won the tournament on two occasions, with their opponents dominating.

On Sunday afternoon, the trophy looks set to return to American hands.

Europe would need to produce a miracle comeback, as they head into the final day trailing 11-5.

Thomas and Berger had already been informed they would sit out for the fourballs, which prompted them to enjoy the moment of their win on Saturday.

From the final 12 matches, only 3.5 points is required by Team USA, with things looking set to be easily wrapped up.

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