Walker was interrupted by pair having sex on beach during 2016 Olympic broadcast

The Olympic Games; where the World comes together in a show of determination, passion, athleticism and love.

Unfortunately for BBC Sport presenter Dan Walker, he bared witness to the more randy versions of the aforementioned values, when a couple appeared to be having sex behind him during the BBC’s live broadcast of the 2016 games in Rio De Janeiro.

The former Football Focus presenter barely contained his laughter when the couple behind him started carrying out their own saucy contest on the Copacabana Beach.

Instead of moving away from the happy couple, the 44-year-old tried to divert attention away saying the couple were not doing you know what.

They were “having a hug” or “reading a book…in a strange pose” Walker said through a haze of embarrassment and laughter.

He further denied the couple were doing “that” and continued his pieces to camera, while failing to pretend the couple were not there.

Unsurprisingly, the video went viral, prompting hundreds of comments and tweets.

That moment of love was not the only time Walker was interrupted during his live coverage.

He was also harassed by a Brazilian hen party, who sang and shouted at the presenter while he fought back laughter and giggles.

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The hen-do even showed Olympic levels of determination, refusing to leave until they were invited onto the set – Walker eventually caved as the happy bride to be was thrust into the spotlight, in front of the eyes of millions of viewers.

If that was not enough, a man was even seen to be peeing in the sea during another one of his live tv appearances – no wonder he soon went on to swap the unpredictability of on-sight live broadcasts, to the slightly more comfortable red sofa of BBC breakfast.

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