Brook's surgeon: Dubois was RIGHT to take knee with broken eye socket

‘It definitely could be career-ending’: Daniel Dubois was RIGHT to take a knee with a broken eye socket against Joe Joyce, insists surgeon who rescued Kell Brook’s vision – and says heavyweight’s eye could’ve dropped into his SINUS if he continued!

  • Daniel Dubois was counted out against Joe Joyce after taking a knee in the tenth
  • Dubois was accused of quitting despite suffering a broken left eye socket 
  • A surgeon said the heavyweight’s career could’ve been ended if he carried on 

Daniel Dubois was right to take a knee against Joe Joyce as fighting on with a broken left eye socket could have ended his career aged just 23.

That is the view of Ricardo Mohammed-Ali, the surgeon who twice rescued Kell Brook’s vision by reconstructing fractured orbital bones.

Dubois has faced a barrage of criticism from some fans and fighters who accused him of quitting — even cowardice — during the 10th round of Saturday’s heavyweight clash.

Daniel Dubois could have had his career ended if he didn’t take a knee against Joe Joyce

Dubois was counted out on Saturday after going down with a broken left eye socket

‘As someone who’s fixed a lot of orbits, I’d say that it would be safe to discontinue if there’s a suspicion that there’s a fracture or risk of visual loss,’ Mohammed-Ali told Sportsmail. ‘It definitely could be a career-ending injury.’

He added: ‘If the orbit is fractured and the eye moves back, if they receive more blows… it can actually drop down into the sinus.

‘So further damage to the orbit, making the defect even bigger and harder to reconstruct and restore to some sort of function that a professional athlete would require.’

British Olympian Anthony Ogogo retired in 2019 — three years and nine operations after he broke his eye socket and ‘fought eight rounds with 22 per cent vision’.

Brook was told he could have gone blind after he suffered the same against both Gennadiy Golovkin and Errol Spence Jr.

Kell Brook’s surgeon said if Dubois took more blows his eye could’ve dropped into the sinus

Brook was told he could’ve gone blind after he broke his eye socket against Gennady Golovkin

Dubois’s eye had been damaged for some time and Mohammed-Ali revealed: ‘If it happens during the fight, they start seeing two images so it’s difficult to know which one is actually the glove… the brain receives two different images because on one eye, the globe will be slightly lower.’

Dubois also suffered nerve damage around his left eye. He later complained that something had ‘shot through’ the area.

Surgeons can fix the problem using materials such as titanium but double-vision can remain for weeks, while sparring is not recommended for three months.

On Monday night, Dubois released a statement thanking fans for their support and vowing to be back.

‘All my respect to Joe Joyce, he won fair and square,’ he said. ‘I’m out of hospital and will wait now for the fracture to heal.’

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