Chris Eubank Jr trolls rival Conor Benn with ’60 per cent’ birthday cake message

Chris Eubank Jr has responded to Conor Benn's taunt of having 'daddy issues' with a comical birthday post.

In an epic continuation of the family feud, the two British stars are set to go head-to-head at The O2 Arena on October 8. The fight will take place just shy of 20 years after their fathers collided for the second and final time.

However, plans were thrown into chaos this month when Chris Eubank Snr tried to pull his son out of the bout, citing concerns over the agreed catchweight. The pair have agreed to weigh in at 157lbs, meaning Benn has to gain 10lbs whilst Eubank JR needs to cut from his 160 plus lbs frame.

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The multiple belt winner has previously claimed that he will only be at 60% fighting capacity because of the catchweight. He's also agreed to a rehydration clause which prevents him from trying to bulk up for 24 hours after the weigh-ins.

But the son of the man dubbed 'Simply the Best' has refuted any suggestion he's withdrawing. In fact, on his 33rd birthday on Sunday, he seemed anything but concerned about the prospect of shedding some timber.

He uploaded a video on Instagram of him enjoying tucking into birthday cake. Furthermore, it was decorated with candles and the words '60%', insinuating he will still topple his rival even if he is below his best.

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Eubank Jr then filmed himself taking a big bite of sticky toffee pudding and ice cream dessert, with a caption that read: "Just can't help myself." His actions are unlikely to be favourably received by his father, who has said he doesn't want to lose another son after Sebastian Eubank, 21, died of a heart attack last year.

He's currently preparing for a speaking tour with former bitter rival Nigel Benn, where the pair will talk about their volatile feud. Eubank Snr has also made a point of reminding his old foe of the brutal consequences of their own respective fights with Michael Watson and Gerald McClellan.

Benn, 25, had initially mocked his foe for his father's attempted intervention following a training session with sparring partner Felix Cash. He took to social media to say: "Just sparred 10 rounds… while someone’s having DADDY ISSUES."

Chris Eubank Jr responds to his father 'cancelling' Conor Benn bout in Instagram post
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Chris Eubank Jr responds to his father 'cancelling' Conor Benn bout in Instagram post
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