Eddie Hearn claims Deontay Wilder would step aside for Anthony Joshua-Tyson Fury

Eddie Hearn believes ‘anything is solvable with money’ and that Deontay Wilder can be convinced to step aside so that Tyson Fury can fight Anthony Joshua instead.

Wilder is set to trigger a rematch clause to face Fury for a third time, after being dominated by the British heavyweight in Las Vegas, but Hearn is convinced Wilder won’t want to jump back in the ring with the newly-crowned WBC champion in June.

Instead, Joshua’s promoter Hearn thinks he would prefer to fight Fury later in the year, which leaves the door open for Joshua and Fury to have a summer showdown, with Wilder taking on the winner.

‘If I’m Deontay Wilder, I don’t really want that [third Fury] fight until September, October,’ Hearn told BoxingScene.com.

‘So, there’s two things you can do. Number one is let Joshua and Fury fight in June or July, and then Wilder fights the winner in November, December. All right? Or, fight [Fury] quickly for us in July, or something like that, and let Joshua fight the winner.

‘Or the other one is let Joshua and Fury fight in October, and then you fight the winner in January or February. But then you’ve gotta sit out for nearly a year. But anything is solvable with money. You know what I mean.’

While Hearn is not a fan of paying fighters to step aside, he believes the financial reward of setting a bout between Joshua and Fury would be so great that there would be plenty of money to go around.

‘I don’t like step-aside deals, because you start taking money from the pot,’ added Hearn. ‘You’ve gotta give [Kubrat] Pulev some. You’ve gotta give Wilder some. And also, fighters don’t like giving other fighters money from the pot, because they’re not actually doing anything. You know what I mean?

‘So, it’s like you’re getting all that money and you ain’t even fighting. But the pot is so big that you can do it. There is definitely a deal to be made to give Wilder step-aside money, to make this fight. But it’s timing.

‘You know, it’s like, “Well, we’re fighting in June and we’re about to sign a contract to fight Kubrat Pulev.” Luckily, Bob [Arum] represents Kubrat Pulev. So, that would be solvable. But AJ don’t wanna wait until September or October to fight again because he boxed in December. So, my gut feeling is we go with Pulev in June and then hopefully, [Fury and Wilder] fight at the end of July, or something like that, and then we fight [the winner] in November, December.

‘I think Bob Arum, Tyson Fury, Matchroom [Hearn’s company], Anthony Joshua, ESPN, probably DAZN as well, if they can get some part of it, would all prefer the AJ-Fury fight next. So, I had a good chat with Bob [on Tuesday night]. And the thoughts at the moment are, let’s get the Pulev fight signed. And then, over the next couple of weeks see if there’s any maneuverability [to make Joshua-Fury next].

‘Because my worry is if we don’t get AJ the winner of that [third Fury-Wilder] fight or Fury this year, then the Dillian Whyte [WBC] mandatory [defense] comes in [by February 2021]. Then the chance of undisputed is completely gone. Because of the other mandatories, you’d have to vacate belts.

‘So, if we had a preference, we’d do AJ-Fury in June or July of this year. Now, we don’t know if Wilder even wants the [Fury] fight, or if his team wants the fight. But they’re gonna exercise [that contractual right] because if they’re gonna get step-aside [money], they have to exercise anyway to get step-aside. They’re not gonna just come in and go, “We’re thinking about it, but what have you got?” They wanna go, “Yeah. Signed.” And then, “But if you wanna come talk…”‘

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