Floyd Mayweather shows off winning bet on Dustin Poirier beating Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather won a massive five-figure sum betting on Dustin Poirier to beat Conor McGregor in their trilogy fight at UFC 264.

The boxing legend bet an eye-watering $50,000 on a Poirier win despite his negative odds, and came out with a cool $32,000+ profit from the deal.

Former McGregor opponent Mayweather took to Instagram to give his thanks to Poirier for netting him the massive sum, and the top UFC lightweight contender responded, letting him know he was happy to help.

"I got you champ," Poirier said in response to Mayweather's post, the latest in a long line of taunts from McGregor's rivals.

McGregor was uncomplimentary towards his former rival, with whom he fought in the second highest-grossing boxing event of all time, in the build-up to his bout with Poirier.

He told ESPN that he was embarrassed for Mayweather watching his exhibition bout with Logan Paul last month, and mocked him for putting up a picture of the Irishman in his home.

Due to the controversial nature of the stoppage in McGregor's fight with Poirier, it looks like the Irishman will be granted a fourth fight with his long-time rival once he returns from the brutal injury.

UFC President Dana White seemed keen to do a fourth bout, the first of its kind in promotional history, but refused to put a timeline on it, and also stressed that Poirier is set to face Charles Oliveira for the lightweight title next.

"The fight didn’t get finished," White said at the post-fight press conference. "You can’t have a fight finish that way. We’ll see how this whole thing plays out.

"Who knows how long Conor’s out, so Poirier will do his thing until Conor’s ready.

"You can’t do the hypotheticals in this sport – it’s all about timing, what’s going on, what’s happens since then.

"Conor goes into surgery tomorrow; we don’t know long how he’s going to be out, how much his rehab and therapy he’s going to need."

And Poirier also seemed interested in putting a final full stop on the rivalry, although he believes that he won the fight through his attacks that forced the injury.

“We are going to fight again whether it’s in the octagon or on the sidewalk,” Poirier added. "You don’t say the stuff he said."

He added that he and his wife can cope with McGregor's crude comments towards her, but he draws the line under the death threats he made towards him.

"My wife is solid as a rock – I’m not worried about that, that’s noise," Poirier explained. "He was saying he was going to kill me. You don’t say stuff like that – that he was going to murder me. You don’t say stuff like that.

"You don’t say stuff about people’s wives either, but I know that that’s zero-chance, there is a chance somebody could die. You don’t say that. You don’t wish that on anybody.”

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