Former world champion fears Eddie Hall will be badly hurt against Thor Bjornsson

Eddie Hall has warned he could be "badly hurt" by Thor Bjornsson when the two strongmen meet in their long-awaited bout next year.

Dubbed the 'heaviest boxing match in history', the two giants are set to meet in March after their original clash, scheduled for last September, was postponed when Hall suffered a detached bicep injury in training.

The fight is set to provide the culmination to a bitter war of words between the pair, with the bad blood dating back to 2017 when Englishman Hall was crowned World's Strongest Man ahead of Bjornsson, who felt he was at the wrong end of bias officiating.

The Game of Thrones star took revenge by winning the title the following year though, and also broke Hall's deadlift world record with a weight of 501kg from his home gym – a development which infuriated 'The Beast'.

Hall, 33, is yet to step into a boxing ring while Bjornsson has had three exhibition fights, and according to one former professional fighter, the Icelander could end up doing serious damage to his rival.

After footage emerged of him training, former WBO featherweight champion Alex Arthur tweeted: "Just seen big Eddie Hall punch a bag.

"They actually can’t let him fight Thor. He might get badly hurt! Boxing is a life and death sport. People playing it is stupid."

Arthur's followers seemed to agree, with @roathy_ saying: "He’s legitimately awful. 2 years of training and still throws arm punches."

Earlier this month, Bjornsson, who instead faced arm wrestler Devon Larratt as a short-notice replacement in Dubai when Hall withdrew from their bout, and beat him via a first-round knockout, shocked fans by revealing results of his intense training regime.

The 33-year-old took to Instagram to show off his new leaner looking figure, boasting "My fat [percentage] is getting pretty low guys. How do you like the new half-Thor?"

Hall himself is now weighing in at around 165 kilograms, having been as heavy as 197 when he captured his maiden world strongman title four years ago.

The previous fight was due to take place in Florida, but an exact date and location is yet to be confirmed this time around.

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