Inside the Kardashian boxing event that left Kim in "more pain than ever before"

In the past few years, influencer boxing has become one of the biggest trends in sport, with the likes of Jake and Logan Paul, KSI, and Bryce Hall all stepping into the squared circle.

However, over a decade ago, Kim Kardashian started the trend and was one of the first social media stars to compete in the noble art of boxing.

The bout took place back in 2009 at a fundraising event called the Kardashian Charity Knockout.

The event took place at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles and was held to raise money for the California-based Dream Foundation, which provides care for terminally ill adults.

During the event, Kim and various other members of the Kardashian family competed in a series of exhibition boxing matches.

Former Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner was first in the ring and defeated his severely under-matched opponent via second-round knockout.

Rob Kardashian was next and while he competed valiantly, his opponent seemed keen to cause some serious damage.

At one point, Kardashian’s head guard fell to the floor, but his opponent continued swinging and sent the reality TV star to the canvas.

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Even while Kardashian was on the floor, his opponent continued swinging and attempted to attack the youngest member of the Kardashian family, eventually sending him to hospital with a concussion.

While Kim appeared extremely shaken up following her brother’s loss, she decided to fight after promising one of her fans, a woman called Carol Ann, that she would fight.

Carol Ann was battling cancer at the time, and Kim explained, “I don’t want to be a coward in front of someone that’s fighting for their life.”

Moments later, Kim stepped into the boxing ring, wearing a pink top, pink shorts, and a bright pink pair of gloves.

While she clearly wasn’t the most natural boxer, Kim threw a handful of wild swings that connected with her opponent and had a grin on her face throughout the fight.

Despite getting caught with numerous, vicious punches against the far more skilled boxer, the reality star never gave up and put on a show for the audience.

Following the bout, Kim explained that she had “never experienced pain like this before” and “wanted to take a dive” during the fight.

However, instead of quitting, she bit down on her mouthguard, kept swinging, and made it to the end of the two-round fight.

While she lost the contest via unanimous decision, she shared an embrace with her opponent immediately after the fight and explained that she was “proud for going in there and holding my own.”

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