Jake Paul blasts "piece of s***" McGregor and claims he "got what was coming"

Jake Paul has blasted rival Conor McGregor for his crude rant after losing his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier on Saturday night.

The YouTube star is no stranger to inappropriate trash talk himself, but he believes that McGregor went too far with his abusive statements towards his rival and his wife Jolie in the octagon.

McGregor said that Mrs Poirier was 'in bits' and called her a derogatory word after reiterating his claim that she had sent him a private message on Instagram, which is a tactic Paul has also used in the past with Tommy Fury.

"He's a piece of s***," Paul told TMZ Sports. when asked what he felt about McGregor. "He's sitting there on the ground after losing, talking s*** to Dustin Poirier's wife.

"I don't feel bad at all. I think he's an evil man, and he had what was coming for him."

Paul had a chain minted for a reported $100,000 that showed McGregor knocked out after his rematch with Poirier, that he wore to UFC 264 on Saturday night.

And he has offered to give that chain to the Louisiana native as a gift for winning the trilogy, which has seemingly been accepted by the UFC star.

"I think he deserves it," Paul continued. "I think it's hilarious.

"I hope he takes a picture with it and posts it on Instagram."

Paul then admitted that he was happy to see the Irishman lose, and joked that he has rescinded his $50million offer to a mere $23

"I just love to see McGregor plummet," Paul added. "He was a meteoric star that's now just taking a nosedive – before I wanted to fight him and I offered him $50 million, now my offer is $23."

The YouTube star also claimed that he would still fight the Irishman, and threatened to knock out his "fake" teeth.

"I think it [a McGregor fight] could happen," Paul said. "I think the funny thing about this journey is I have predicted everything that has happened thus far.

"Eighteen months ago when I said I wanted to fight Conor, people laughed at me, now I'm laughing at Conor with a broken ankle sitting there in the octagon.

"He needs Jake Paul more than I need him so my offer to Conor is $23, and if he ever fought I would knock those fake-a** teeth straight out of his f***ing mouth.

"Dustin Poirier defeated this man, and don't get me wrong he's an amazing fighter and an amazing guy who I became a fan of this weekend.

"But Dustin is 5"9' and 155 lbs, I'm 6"1' and 200, Conor McGregor would not stand a chance."

Paul will first have to deal with his upcoming bout with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, which takes place in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio on August 29.

The pair faced off at a press conference to officially launch the event yesterday in California, exchanging heated words back-and-forth from the stage.

Meanwhile, McGregor's management have promised that he will return to fighting once he has recovered from his horrific broken leg, but it remains to be seen if Paul will factor into that plan.

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