Jake Paul makes new Tommy Fury offer after Tyson Fury makes threat to brother if he loses

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Jake Paul has made a new fight offer to Tommy Fury after his heavyweight star brother Tyson warned his boxing sibling not to lose to the YouTuber. Ahead of his trilogy fight with rival Deontay Wilder this weekend, the Gypsy King also discussed the chances of his younger brother taking on the YouTube star.

Paul currently has a 4-0 professional boxing record but that wasn’t enough to impress the older Fury brother.

As a result Tyson warned Tommy that if he does lose to the 24-year-old vlogger, he will force him to retire from boxing and change his name.

In an interview with Boxing Social the heavyweight champion said: “If Tommy can’t splatter Jake Paul, I’ll retire him from boxing myself. If he can’t beat Jake Paul, forget about boxing. “Because he’s got ambitions of being a world champion, never mind beating some YouTube guy.”

Following the 33-year-old’s outlandish claims, Paul has responded with his own offer to the younger Fury in an effort to entice him into a bout.

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In a video online the 24-year-old addressed Fury’s threat by commenting: “So this is my official response to Tyson Fury. 

“He just said that if his little brother ‘Timmy’ Fury loses to me he will make him quit boxing, and he will have to change his last name. He will no longer be allowed to be a Fury.”

Describing himself as a ‘betting man’ Paul went on to reveal his own far out offer to the 21-year-old former Love Island star, if they are to finally arrange their long-awaited fight.

He added: “You know me, I’m a betting man, I like to make bets. So I’m putting my money up right now. Tommy, if you beat me I will give you an extra $500,000.”

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Despite the added financial incentive, there was a catch for the Englishman: “However, if you lose you have to change your last name for one year to Tommy Fumbles. Deal or no deal? I’m putting the money up, are you confident? Sign, seal it, deliver it.”

Prior to this call out, the American had also recently offered Fury a lucrative $1 million (£736,000) to secure a fight deal, however the former Love Island finalist was quick to downplay the American’s offer.

Ahead of his brother’s bout with Wilder, Tommy told Boxing Social: “Them sort of offers that he is throwing about are ridiculous, for a fight of that scale.

“Anyone who knows boxing, knows that that fight generates a huge amount of money. Now I’m not outpricing myself, I would never outprice myself but there is a difference between that, and paying what you are worth.”

Despite turning down the one million deal, Fury did confirm that he would be more than happy to take on Paul if the figure is right.

He added: “If he wants to put down successful figures, you know we can get it on. Any time, any place, anywhere. I’d fight him right now it doesn’t matter. Our teams are still talking so hopefully we should have some news in the next few weeks.”

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