Jake Paul names price to face Tommy Fury after accusing him of being chicken

Jake Paul has named his price to face Tommy Fury in the UK just 24 hours after the YouTube star had seemingly pulled the plug on a potential boxing fight.

The YouTube sensation, 25, was due to fight long-standing rival Fury, the younger brother of heavyweight champion Tyson, at Madison Square Garden on August 6 but the ex-Love Island star was unable to enter America for the announcement press conference due to problems surrounding his visa.

Frustrated at the prospect of having to axe another contest against Fury, Paul demanded the Brit get the issue fixed by July 6 or the fight was off. The American confirmed in a statement yesterday (July 6) that Fury had failed to resolve his outstanding visa problem.

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"Fury’s received a termination notice. MVP did everything it could 2 help him & team," tweeted Paul. "He wasn’t interested & he literally went into hiding. 2nd time in a row he has pulled out. 2nd time in a row I’m going to step up & take on a new opponent on short notice. AUG 6. MSG."

Paul is now expected to enter the ring on August 6 with Hasim Rahman Jr, son of two-time world heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman, who famously knocked out Lennox Lewis. But the YouTuber-turned-boxer hasn't ruled out a later punch-up against his old foe.

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Replying to Fury's "disappointing" statement explaining the issue on his visa, Paul hit out at the 23-year-old, accusing him of running scared. He tweeted: "I’m confident you are a scared little boy who doesn’t want to fight or understand business. I will pay you $500K [£417k] to fight me in the UK. I will do it shortly after August 6. You accept?"

Though it seems Paul would have to up the ante if the two were to rekindle their long-standing feud. Fury replied: "I wouldn’t get out of bed to fight you for $500k. Let me know when you’re ready to have a serious conversation."


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