Jake Paul ready to offer Conor McGregor "easy win" in comeback fight

Jake Paul could be the perfect opponent for Conor McGregor's comeback fight, according to the YouTube star's head trainer BJ Flores.

Paul has been poking at McGregor for the last year in an effort to earn a massive money fight with the Irishman, and after beating for UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley last weekend, the bout appears to make a lot more sense.

McGregor is currently working his way back to health in California after a brutal leg break in his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier that required surgery, and isn't expected back in competition until next year.

And while Paul is likely to fight again this year, with Tommy Fury a frontrunner, there is a slim chance that his eventual return to the boxing ring could end up being against Paul.

McGregor will likely want to return to the UFC first, but after missing out on a big money fight with Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather looking unlikely to return, Paul could be his most noteworthy option in the ring.


And his head coach BJ Flores taunted the Irishman while speaking to Mirror Fighting , joking that he could take on Jake if he wants an "easy win".

"I'd like Conor," Flores said when asked who he would choose as Paul's next opponent in an ideal world.

"He needs a win right? You think Jake's an easy win, here we are bro!

"I'm looking at it from the flip side, but we're ready for that any time, so we'll see."

And Flores, a former world title contender at cruiserweight during his own fighting career, reckons that Paul has already faced tougher tests than McGregor in the ring.

"I think Tyron's a tougher fight than Conor in the boxing ring," he continued. "I really do.

"There's a lot of good guys out there that Jake could fight but the profile has to be right for Jake."

However, a prospective Paul-McGregor fight almost certainly won't be next for either man, with the YouTube star likely to fight again this year.

Love Island star Fury, whose older brother is world heavyweight champion Tyson, could be the next opponent, although a confirmation isn't likely any time soon.

Paul joked that he was "retired" from boxing earlier in the week, but quickly "returned" in a tweet just hours later.

"He's already ready to come back," Flores explained. "This guy is a serious kid, trust me, he's very, very serious."

Asked if Paul would hold off until next year for his fifth professional fight, Flores said that it was unlikely that he would take that amount of time out of the ring.

"He won't take that much time off," Flores assured. "The guy is obsessed, he loves boxing.

"He won't take much time off at all, he'll want to be back sooner than [next year], and we really need to.

"We've got a lot of momentum right now, a lot of things we can improve on and work on, we just need to get back to the drawing board.

"It's obviously a work in progress, so we need to keep working and stay focused, that's kind of our mentality in our camp.

"We're always getting better, we're always improving, and we don't feel like we can afford to take months off and sit around."

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