Khabib claims ‘higher power’ played role in Conor McGregor’s leg break

Khabib Nurmagomedov has said that a "superior" power was involved in Conor McGregor snapping his leg against Dustin Poirier in their trilogy fight.

The Irishman and Khabib are two of the UFC's most intense rivals, and have shared a disdain for years that lasted long after their 2018 bout, which the Russian won.

And speaking after UFC 264, Khabib said that he believes God played a part in McGregor getting his comeuppance after intense trash talk against both he and Poirier in the week leading up to the bout.

“There is always going to be there something superior, more powerful, than we have.” Nurmagomedov said in an interview with MMA Junkie.

“Sometimes when people become, ‘I’m this, I can do this, I’m smart because I’m strong,’ God always going to make you humble.

"I saw yesterday or two days ago, I saw his coach’s interview like, ‘I don’t understand how this happened, he’s a strong young, strong man and he broke his foot, I don’t understand.’

"Everything from God. You have to become humble. When you become rich, when you become strong, when you become famous and then you think this is because of myself? God is going to make you humble.”

The legendary ex-lightweight champion, who defeated both Poirier and McGregor in his undefeated career, said that he enjoyed watching the fight, and is happy that the American is getting another chance at the lightweight title.

“I really enjoyed this fight,” Nurmagomedov added. “I’m really happy with Dustin Poirier.

"I think he deserves a title shot, and I think he deserves to be UFC lightweight champion right now.”

McGregor dismissed Khabib's success in the sport during a recent interview with ESPN, getting visibly agitated when Stephen A Smith brought the Russian up during their discussion.

Asked about his loss to Nurmagomedov, McGregor said: "Where’s he gone though? Where’s he now? He went sprinting.

"He’s gone, s*** his jocks, became fat, riding off, he’s done nothing in the sport – f*** all he’s done in the sport."

When Smith mentioned that he went 29-0, undefeated, McGregor hit back, questioning the legitimacy of his record, and claiming that he was fighting on shows promoted by his own father.

"Yeah, brilliant. And what?" McGregor continued. "If he's 13-0 fighting guys with three wins and six losses, it was his father's shows.

"His father had the shows set up and he was fighting guys with two wins and eight losses – that's his record up until he's 20-0.

"He has three fights on the trot in the UFC that done him well, and then before that, it's nothing.

"It's pullouts, couldn't make weight. That's that, and now he's gone."

Khabib is unlikely to return to the cage after retiring last year on the request of his mother after defending his belt one last time against Justin Gaethje.

But McGregor has insisted that he will "rebuild" after his leg injury, and his management have confirmed he is planning to fight again once fully recovered.

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