Logan Paul’s to-do list includes ‘get paid by Floyd "Scummy" Mayweather’

Logan Paul has doubled down on his accusation that Floyd Mayweather has not yet paid him for their exhibition draw in June – adding the receiving of his money to a to-do list.

The YouTuber turned boxer took on the 44-year-old retired professional at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and shocked the world to go the distance.

The 26-year-old used his six-inch height advantage to frustrate his ageing foe, banishing the memory of his professional defeat to KSI at the Staples Center in 2019.

Despite the pair sharing compliments in the ring after the event, their relationship has since gone rapidly downhill with Logan reiterating that he hasn't yet received payment.

On his Instagram story in December, Logan wrote: "Pay me my money u f****** corny weasel of a human @floydmayweather."

Mayweather, who is the highest grossing boxer in PPV history, had said that he was looking to walk away with around £74million from the bout, with Paul's earnings an estimated £3.91million.

In a fresh update Logan posted lists of tasks he has both completed, and needs to do on his Instagram account, one of which relates to his former foe.

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Having been able to kick his 'weed dependence', completing his first workout in months and seen his business booming, Logan is still looking to wake up earlier, stop avoiding his therapist and get paid by 'Floyd "Scummy" Mayweather'.

Mayweather had claimed after the event: "I’m the only person you know that could do a fake fight and get 100 M's.

"I could do legalised sparring and get 100 M's. Am I the best bank robber? Because I don't know nobody in sports that's my age and can still stack 'em up like that."

Logan also responded after seeing Daily Star Sport's Floyd Mayweather earned so much from Logan Paul fight he could buy Jeff Bezos' jet article.

He said: "Yeah because the dirty little rat hasn’t paid me yet lol. It’s been 6 months.


"But no worries @Floydmayweather, @KSI and I are going to make back the money you stole from me & more. January 4."

Although fans were hoping for the pair to announce a trilogy bout, they actually released a joint energy drink venture called Prime – which is coming to the UK in 2022.

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