Mayweather fighting Chalmers makes ‘more sense’ than Hatton rematch

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Floyd Mayweather’s uncle Jeff says that fighting Aaron Chalmers next was a ‘more sensible option’ than a rematch with ‘vengeful’ Ricky Hatton. Hatton had expressed interest in facing Mayweather again in an exhibition setting and many saw the Mancunian as the obvious option for TBE’s first fight across the pond on February 25.

However, ex-Geordie Shore star Chalmers was chosen as his adversary after original foe Liam Harrison was forced to pull out due to an ongoing shoulder injury. Mayweather openly dismissed fighting Hatton again, stating: “Well I don’t have to do it, we already did it for real. Why do it for fake when we did it for real?” Hatton was stopped in the tenth round by Mayweather back in 2007.

Mayweather has continued to compete in lucrative post-retirement exhibition bouts against YouTubers, influencers and everything in between. However, he is yet to box a single ex-opponent.

Expanding on why this is, Uncle Jeff, who trained Floyd for a short period of time, says that he is more likely to get hurt against old rivals as they are hellbent on avenging their losses.

“It would be great for Floyd to do an exhibition with Ricky Hatton but I think Floyd is a lot smarter than wanting to fight someone who he had a real fight with as opposed to these YouTubers where there’s no chance of him getting hurt and he can still make that sort of money.

“That makes more sense than trying to fight Ricky Hatton or Oscar De la Hoya. They want to fight Floyd to avenge their loss but I don’t think Floyd will take a fight like that, he doesn’t have to. Well l wouldn’t say he [Chalmers] has no chance, any man with two hands has two chances.


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“But l would say it makes more sense fighting YouTube guys and making millions while you’re retired rather than fighting Oscar Dela Hoya or Ricky Hatton. That makes no sense at all, he beat them both when it counted and certainly doesn’t owe anyone a rematch, maybe they should fight each other instead of trying to avenge a loss many years ago.

“Floyd’s professional boxing career is over, and he’s found a way to still make extremely big paydays because of the work he did while he was a professional. People still want to see him and lots of people want to say l was in the ring with him win lose or draw.”

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