Meet Faith Ordway who is the TikTok phenomenon-turned-boxer fighting Elle Brooke

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    TikTok star Faith Ordway has a growing fanbase of 4.7million followers but will turn her hand to boxing tomorrow night when she takes on OnlyFans model Elle Brooke.

    The 21-year-old American star has been stunning her fans with her dancing and lip-sync videos which has seen her social media accounts explode. The influencer will now make her boxing debut against Brooke on the undercard of the KSI vs Faze Temper fight at Wembley Arena.

    Ordway's increasing popularity hasn't gone unnoticed in the social media world and she has collaborated with some of the biggest stars including dancer Charli D'Amelio.

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    Model Brooke made her boxing debut after she defeated Love Island star AJ Bunker in her boxing debut last summer. Ordway has been looking for her first boxing fight and slide into the DM's of Brooke after being told to fight the beautiful star.

    Ordway told the Daily Mirror: "Originally I was supposed to have a fight that was set up a little while back but it fell through. I started getting comments saying I should fight Elle Brooke, so I went and found her profile and slid in her DM's. I was like 'Hey, are you down or what?' and she hit me back,"

    Ordway has been impressing fans with her training videos on TikTok and has a height advantage over opponent Brooke. The American beauty believes that she can provide a tougher opposition than Brooke faces in her first boxing bout against AJ Bunker.

    She added: "I'm aware that she trained for two months prior to her first fight, anybody that takes only two months in this sport I don't think you're going to get much out of it. I think that's the whole excitement now, because I've been in the gym for over a year and she's coming up to that as well.

    "I believe I can get the knockout because she wasn't really challenged in her first fight. This fight is going to be completely different because punches will be coming her way, so I think it's going to be more of a problem than she expects."

    Facing off ahead of their fight Brooke was quick to reply to the threat firing back: "Trust me, if I can take hits from Ebanie Bridges I can take b***** hits from you."

    Discussing her fight against Ordway, Brooke added: "I think I always had the confidence, the confidence in myself. There’s not many girls within the space anyway so I took this opportunity and obviously this card came up and it was a no brainer really. I was like 'yeah I’m excited to get my teeth stuck into that one.'"

    Brooke has cast doubt over the future of her OnlyFans career as the knockout star revealed she "enjoys boxing more".

    World bantamweight champion and training partner Bridges has been impressed with the OnlyFans star and explained that her friend had 'fallen in love with boxing'. Speaking to Eddie Hearn on Unscripted she said: "I've seen her (Brooke) in the gym for the past four to five months, she's never put on a glove before, and I've seen her coming gym every single day. Like work just as hard as all of us, she's so dedicated and she's so disciplined, like she listens.

    "Just because of the YouTube fame and the TikTok fame and all that kind of stuff, doesn't mean she doesn't take it seriously. because she's fallen in love with it."


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