Tyson Fury’s warning to next challenger after Deontay Wilder KO

After knocking out Deontay Wilder for a second time, Tyson Fury's message is clear: "I’m the best fighter in my era."

And while the world heavyweight champion doesn't believe he is unbeatable, his warning to anyone who wants a piece of the Gypsy King is simple: Knock me out, or get beat.

Fury rose from the canvas twice in Las Vegas on Saturday night to retain his WBC title with an 11th-round knockout of Deontay Wilder in an all-time classic.

In a breathtaking contest at the T-Mobile Arena, Fury closed the book on his rivalry with the American with a show of dominance and no little fortitude.

Wilder hit the deck first in the third round and looked to be saved by the bell on unsteady legs and yet after just a minute’s respite, he immediately turned the tables with his straight right hand to twice topple Fury in the fourth.

At that stage, Fury's unbeaten record appeared in jeopardy, but he reclaimed control in the middle rounds before really taking charge late on.

He knocked down Wilder in the 10th, before being sent crashing face first to the floor for the third and final time in the penultimate round by a savage right to the temple, leaving referee Russell Mora to immediately call a halt to the contest and leave Fury with a 31-0-1 record.

More importantly, it leaves the Brit free to pursue what's next.

And whomever is next – Dillian Whyte currently appears most likely, assuming he beats Otto Wallin later this month – Fury is confident he will once again get the job done and further cement his legacy.

“When it comes down to it, when I have to pull the chips out, every time I’ve delivered. I can only be the best of my day, I’ve done that: I’m the best fighter in my era.

“I actually feel sorry for all these guys who have had to fight me because I go in the dressing room and I’m not nervous, it’s a boxing fight to me, but they’re fighting the fighter of the generation, that’s for sure.

“Without sounding too sharp and clever, I believe that I could beat any man in history, any man born I believe I’ve got a really good chance of beating him.

“There’s always a way of beating Tyson Fury and I’ve always said it very, very clearly: you’ve just got to knock me spark out, and if you can’t do that I’ll win.

"I can only be the best of my era and I’m definitely that.”

On when he will return to the ring next, Fury added: “We’ll see. I’ve just earned a well-earned break from everything.

“I’ve been home two weeks out of the last six months, so before I start thinking about fighting other men, I’m going to bask in this victory because this was one of my greatest wins.

“This has been a well-deserved victory and I’m going to enjoy it, I’m not thinking about anything else.”

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