UFC star lands back flip on top of opponent during fight on McGregor undercard

A brazen UFC star produced a back flip in the middle of a fight – and ended up in full mount on top of his grounded opponent.

Brazilian maverick Michel Pereira had knocked his American opponent Niko Price down to the ground, but left him stunned with his next move.

Instead of quickly following him to the mat, Pereira opted to attempt a back flip… and it worked a treat.

He ended up right on top of his rival and was able to secure the full mount.

Pereira is renowned for his unorthodox approach in the Octagon, but the back flip was unpredictable by even his standards.

The fight ended up going all the way to the judges' scorecards and the flip certainly did not count against him, as he was awarded victory by unanimous decision.

Fans perhaps shouldn't have been surprised that Pereira produced a moment like that, as he predicted before the fight: "I’m going to win the Performance of the Night, and it will be the best fight of the night, I’m sure of it."

The flip came on the undercard of Conor McGregor's trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

Pereira now eyes a fight with McGregor's former rival Nate Diaz.

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Speaking ahead of this weekend, Pereira told Cageside Press: "After I beat Niko, I want to face Nate Diaz. I want to do a great fight, a great show with him.

"I would really like to fight him and give a great show to all fans in the MMA world.

"I want to fight this year two or three times because I’m a guy who will always be ready for when the UFC calls on me."

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