Aaron Rodgers has no regrets about 'I own you' comment to Bears fans

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t regret his now-famous “I own you” taunt to Chicago Bears fans at Soldier Field during Sunday’s 24-14 victory over the Packers’ rivals.

Joining the “Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday, Rodgers said his emotional outburst came in the heat of the rivalry after he scored on a game-sealing touchdown run.

“It was definitely spur of the moment,” Rodgers said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “And I am proud of my (touchdown) runs; there’s been some local media folks in Green Bay who talked ad nauseam about my decreasing ability to kind of get out of the pocket and make things happen. … To be able to pull that one out and get the old pump-fake working and get into the end zone was pretty special.”

After bringing back the “belt” celebration in response to Bears pass rusher Robert Quinn doing his move earlier, Rodgers responded to the curse words and unkind jargon spewed his way from Bears fans.

“When I got down to my knee and looked up, all I could see and hear was obscenities,” Rodgers said. “I didn’t plan on telling the crowd that I own them. I think based on the statistical reference of my career, win percentage down there against them, definitely our teams have done some good things.

“I know I used ‘I’ a few times, but I do feel like it’s a ‘we’ thing. Really since (Brett) Favre took over, we’ve flipped that entire series on its head. When Favrey took over, we were double-digits in the hole in the all-time series. This series has been going on for 100 years plus, and now we’re seven up, so it feels good to be on this side of it. That was a special moment looking back. I didn’t realize how crazy it would go … I love the response of my teammates backing me up.”

Rodgers improved to 22-5 (including playoffs) as a starter vs. the Bears and 11-3 at Soldier Field (including playoffs). Rodgers has won each of the last five starts vs. Chicago (12 pass TD, 0 INT).

“For whatever reason, some of that rivalry might wane from year to year but it doesn’t wane for the fans, not at all,” Rodgers said. “It doesn’t wane for those of us who love the history of the NFL and history of rivalries like this. It’s always going to be special. There’s been some iconic players who played in this rivalry for the last 100 years.”

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