Joe Burrow shuts down Tom Brady comparison: ‘Please don’t compare me to the best player of all time’

Coming off the most productive season for a quarterback in college football history by many metrics, Joe Burrow is going to face heightened expectations the moment he steps onto an NFL field. 

The Cincinnati Bengals' potential selection of him with the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft also will inflate those expectations. Burrow, however, recently made it clear he thought being likened to one of the game's all-time greats was premature.

During a recent NFL Network appearance, host Colleen Wolfe asked Burrow about being compared to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady by the network's draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah, who said "when you watch them mechanically and you're around their personalities, their leadership style, there's a lot of similarities." 

“When you watch these guys side by side, #TomBrady mechanically, watch what you see from Brady and tell me this does not look identically the same from #JoeBurrow. It is eerie.” – @MoveTheSticks on

"Please don't compare me to the best player of all time," Burrow said. "Let me do my own thing. Don't do that to me, please." 

"It's high praise, though," Wolfe told him. 

"It is, it is," Burrow responded. "But it's Tom Brady." 

At the NFL scouting combine, Burrow said he'd play for whichever team drafts him. He also joked about his measured hand size while meeting with teams, including the Bengals. 

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