The best of Tom Brady’s tweets since leaving Patriots, free from Bill Belichick

Tom Brady has shown his true character through his Twitter account since joining the Buccaneers. Most of his tweets get hundreds of thousands of likes since fans can finally see the veteran quarterback’s sense of humor come to life.

Whether he’s making fun of something a commentator said on air about him, subtly bragging about his seven Super Bowl rings, poking fun at other quarterbacks or celebrating a win, Brady doesn’t hold back much anymore on his social media.

In the last year as a Buccaneer, Brady has quite the collection of infamous tweets. Here’s a few tweets that you may or may not remember from the year.

Tweets about himself

When the announcement for this weekend’s game against the Patriots was posted, Brady tweeted his true feelings about the “awkward” matchup between his past team and present team. Twitter enjoyed Brady’s take on the game, calling it an accurate comparison for the matchup.

Everyone knows the famous NFL Combine picture of Brady from 2000. Brady apparently gets tired of seeing this picture pop up every year on its anniversary, so he tweeted sarcastically about how much he loves the picture.

When Drake’s new album “Certified Lover Boy” was released in early September, Brady was quite to notice that his name was left out of the lyrics, despite various other athletes being included. Brady decided to express his sadness for all of Tampa Bay to see on a billboard, then he tweeted about it.

Tweets hating on the Manning brothers

Brady is known for having a one of the best football rivalries with long-time Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. They played against each other 17 times, including Brady’s first NFL start. Since Manning’s retirement in 2016, their rivalry has become more playful as the two typically roast each other on social media, like Brady did here.

Brady can’t help but poke fun at Peyton’s brother, Eli Manning, sometimes. Manning retired from the New York Giants in 2020, and Brady took to Twitter to congratulate him. However, Manning beat Brady in two Super Bowls, one being in 2008 after the Patriots had an undefeated season. Brady seems to still be a bit upset about those losses.

Since Brady and Peyton Manning are only one year apart in age, Brady likes to remind Manning about how young he was when he retired five years ago and how Brady is still thriving in the NFL.

Celebration tweets

Brady has more Super Bowl rings than any NFL team right now — why wouldn’t he show them off? Since winning Super Bowl LV this year, Brady likes to remind his followers of his accomplishments.

Brady’s Super Bowl celebration back in February was one for the books. The Bucs got drunk on their boat parade, and Brady even tossed the Lombardi Trophy across boats. The videos of Brady circulated Twitter, so Brady himself had to comment on the nonsense.

After his wins last year, Brady started posting regular “W” videos to show his celebration. These became quite popular throughout the season, and they’ve made a return for the 2021 season as well.


One of Brady’s tweets fits into its own category. After Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield tweeted about seeing a UFO, Colin Cowherd said on air that Brady, along with other quarterbacks, had never seen a UFO. Brady was quick to dismiss this claim by tweeting back at The Herd host.

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