Trent Copeland whacks Caroline Wilson over St Kila comments

The Caroline Wilson and St Kilda saga just won’t go away, and now a new voice has aired their grievances.

Wilson endured a media pile-on for the comments she made regarding the absence of Saints stars Seb Ross and Tim Membrey from their nailbiting loss to Adelaide in Round 13. The two players in question didn’t play because of family reasons, leading Wilson to claim “supporters and sponsors and members and other teammates would have every right to be a bit disappointed”.

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Garry Lyon was the first to hit back at Wilson, claiming he was “almost speechless” that the journalist in question would make such comments about a private matter.

Richmond star Jack Riewoldt also took aim at Wilson, labelling her public questioning as “idiotic”.

Wilson continued her staunch defence regarding Ross and Membrey’s absence, and revealed some footy figures were “horrified” the duo had missed the match.

“I think clubs have been getting frustrated with players and talking to the media about it since I started writing about footy in the early ‘80s,” Wilson said on ABC program Offsiders.

“I’ve been absolutely smashed for suggesting that some St Kilda fans and sponsors and members had a right to be a little bit disappointed that Seb Ross didn’t play for his club against Adelaide — a game they needed to win to make finals, and a game where they were struggling to field enough emergencies. It was a dire situation for St Kilda.

Seb and Marnie Ross, with daughter Charlotte and twin sons Vinny and HenleySource:Supplied

“I asked the question of them (St Kilda). I raised my eyebrows when I saw the report. I spoke to a lot of people in the industry who were, to be frank, some horrified, some really disappointed that the players weren’t playing.

“I certainly thought it was a legitimate question, though, and after that I went to St Kilda and learnt there had been significant angst within the club.”

Fellow Offsiders panellist, AFL and cricket broadcaster Alister Nicholson also aired his thoughts on the situation, claiming more mercenaries are emerging in the sport of cricket.

New South Wales cricketer Trent Copeland has now shared his perspective on the issue, tweeting: “Gee I think the point has been missed here/in general with Seb Ross & the cricketers.

Trent Copeland has aired his thoughts regarding Caroline Wilson’s comments about two St Kilda players.Source:AAP

“NO situation. Not work, not sport, not anything is more important than a person’s individual wellbeing & family.

“It’s not a ‘Hey cool, yep I’m having a holiday this week’.

“Every one of these decisions & to Al’s (Nicholson) point in finance if a deal is missed due to needing to be at home is discussed with the ‘bosses’ in collaboration for what’s best all things considered.

“Specifically athletes would know they risk leaving their spot for someone else to take.”

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