F1 fans salute Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen's Saudi GP battle

‘Bonkers race, unreal drama’: F1 fans salute Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s Saudi GP battle as ‘one of the fiercest and best rivalries’ in the sport… and look forward to title decider in Abu Dhabi next week

  • Lewis Hamilton edged Max Verstappen in Sunday’s thrilling Saudi Arabian GP
  • Hamilton and Verstappen collided with each other once again in the Jeddah race
  • The F1 title rivals go into next week’s title decider level on points in the standings
  • Fans praised the duo for a thrilling battle on Sunday and can’t wait for next week
  • The F1 drivers’ standings championship race will be decided in Abu Dhabi

Formula One fans revelled in Sunday’s sensational Saudi Arabia Grand Prix race that saw Lewis Hamilton set up a thrilling season finale by winning in Jeddah.   

The Mercedes driver won a thrilling inaugural Saudi GP contest that saw two red flags emerge, five drivers crash out due to collisions on the narrow track, while Hamilton also hit the back of Verstappen’s car as the Red Bull tried to let him pass. 

The result means both Hamilton and Verstappen are level on points going into the final F1 showdown of the season next week in Abu Dhabi, with the contest set up as a winner takes all event.  

Formula One fans praised Lewis Hamilton (right) and Max Verstappen (left) for their thrilling Saudi Arabia Grand Prix battle

Hamilton (right) pipped Verstappen (left) to victory after the pair collided on the track again

As fans reacted to the race on social media, one supporter tweeted: ‘Legit criticism about today’s race aside: No matter who you cheer for, the title fight between Hamilton and Verstappen will go down in history as one of the fiercest and best rivalries. Them going into the finale level on points is just incredible on its own. #F1 #SaudiArabianGP’  

Another said: ‘Bonkers race, unreal drama and tension, but Max’s driving standards worry me given what’s at stake next weekend #F1 #SaudiArabianGP’

One posted: ‘I genuinely cannot believe what we’ve just witnessed. To be going into the last race of the season with Lewis and Max level on points… you couldn’t write it’

Fans reacted with glee on social media as they tried to dissect Sunday night’s F1 action

Meanwhile, another fan said: ‘I’ve never witnessed so much chaos and controversy in one race weekend’

One fan claimed: ‘I’m still recovering for that race. Unbelievable drive from Lewis under all the circumstances and Max again showing he is the biggest cheat in world sport.’

Another tweeted: ‘This is unbelievable. Never have I seen penalties being negotiated in F1. Ridiculous.’

The Jeddah contest was temporarily stopped after 13 laps when Mick Schumacher’s crash forced a red flag. Hamilton had already boxed when the safety car was initially out, leaving Verstappen in front for a second restart.

A thrilling race on a narrow Jeddah track saw two red flags and five cars crash out of the race

The F1 title race between Hamilton and Verstappen will be decided next week in Abu Dhabi

But the standing start caused more drama as Verstappen lost his lead straight away after lights out, before completing an illegal overtake that put him third in the grid after another immediate red flag following another collision between Sergio Perez and George Russell. 

Both Mercedes and Red Bull negotiated penalties with the FIA but the drama did not stop there. After Verstappen was told to give up his first place after lap 42, the Dutchman slowed down for Hamilton to overtake – only for the Mercedes man to go through the back of him. 

Verstappen, who was given a five-second penalty for braking in front of Hamilton, was eventually overtaken by Hamilton after a breakdown in communication between the FIA and Mercedes. 

Hamilton finished with a strong lead to move up to 369.5 points – the same as Verstappen going into next Sunday’s Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.  

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