F1 fans slam Leclerc and Sainz for ad that looks like ‘hostage video’

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have been killing it on the track so far this season – but it turns out their F1 talent isn't transferrable to acting.

The Ferrari pair have "starred" in a TV advert for partners Shell which fans have likened to a hostage video as it is so bad. A number of F1 gags were shoehorned into the otherwise uninspired script which neither man delivered with confidence.

Sainz invited Leclerc, who has finished behind championship rival Max Verstappen in the last four races, to "take second" before he joked about borrowing his team-mate's car at the end of the clip.

Sainz's awkward screen presence didn't go unnoticed with one fan pointing out: "Carlos didn’t know what to do with his hands lol." Someone replied: "He did a better job than Charles though, who was nearing Kimi [Raikkonen] levels of just reading it out like a hostage video."

A similar comment read: "It’s like they were made to do it at gun point. But it’s so cute." And another person added: "They’re in so much pain doing this."

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"10 second penalty for that acting I reckon," argued one viewer, but it went down well with some. "This is some porn level acting. I love it," replied one. Another said: "Omg i love Charles reading the lines like it's a high school theatre."

A further post read: "This has to be a p***take. At one point Carlos literally jumps into shot due to a camera change, lol.

"And the friendship line too – 'Power, performance, and efficiency, that's what our friendship is all about'. No way that's a genuine ad line. A brilliant skit though, the two lads have a potentially great career in comedy."

Leclerc and Sainz have been locked in an intense battle with Red Bull duo Verstappen and Sergio Perez in the first seven races of the 2022 season. Leclerc finds himself second in the championship, with Sainz down in fifth having suffered two retirements.

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