Lando Norris calls for revamp of F1 Saturday with brand new event and cancelling FP2

Top Gear: Lando Norris performs donuts after completing lap

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McLaren driver Lando Norris has gone on record saying that he believes a shake-up of F1’s current qualifying process would be for the greater good. The current system incorporates a flowing path from Friday to Sunday, with only three races this year following the format of a sprint weekend.

That is likely to be increased to six next season, although Norris has put forward his own idea of how proceedings could become more exciting.

Bristol-born Norris, 22, has already taken part in 57 races and earned five podiums along the way whilst also sitting fifth in this season’s Driver’s Championship.

And he would perhaps be more successful if his idea was implemented.

“The thing I would love to maybe add is to change it so you have qualifying on Friday for the race on Sunday,” said Norris according to

“Then you have a one-shot qualifying on Saturday morning for the sprint race on Saturday. So a one-lap qualifying like they used to do.

“I think that could be exciting, instead of the FP2 we do now. Therefore you set up Saturday to be a little bit separate, I guess. So the sprint wouldn’t mean anything for the Sunday race.”

There are just three more races in the current calendar with only Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi to go.

Max Verstappen currently leads the standings by 14 points, slightly ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton won the Brazilian Grand Prix despite starting tenth in one of the most enthralling races in recent history.

The duo have won all but four of the 19 races in the calendar this year as they go head-to-head in the title race.

But Verstappen has remained calm over his chances of winning the title.


“I’m a more relaxed driver these days, I have a lot more experience now,” the Dutchman said.

“I’ve been through a lot of different scenarios and situations over the years.

“It just makes you anticipate a lot more things, and you have so much more knowledge about a Formula One car nowadays.”

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