Piers Morgan leaps to defence of Lewis Hamilton as F1 star suggests he has long COVID

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Piers Morgan defends Lewis Hamilton amid the F1 champion’s suggestions he has long COVID. The seven-time world champion visited the team doctor after yesterday’s gruelling Hungarian GP, as Mercedes confirmed he was suffering from fatigue and dizziness.

Morgan, 56, who is recovering from contracting the virus himself, tweeted: “Do not underestimate the effects of long-covid. I’ve never had fatigue like this, nearly 3 weeks after symptoms started. 

“Lewis, one of the world’s fittest athletes, had covid 8 months ago and is still having issues he believes are linked to it.”

Hamilton, who caught the virus in Dubai last December, needed help to get onto the podium.

He looked exhausted and his celebrations were fairly subdued, in contrast to race winner Esteban Ocon and the now disqualified Sebastien Vettel.

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Hamilton addressed his concerns in the post-race conference, as he revealed everything got “blurry on the podium.”

“I was having real dizziness and everything got a bit blurry on the podium. I have been fighting with staying healthy following what happened at the end of last year, but still it’s a battle.”

The 36-year-old recalled when he contracted the virus and how he had to change his routine as a result.

“I remember the effects of when I had COVID, and training has been different ever since then. The level of fatigue that you get is different and it’s a real challenge”, the Mercedes driver continued.

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“I’m trying to keep training and preparing as best I can. Who knows what it was today? Maybe it was hydration, I don’t know, but it was definitely different.”

Hamilton was helped to his feet by Ocon and a member of the Mercedes team when the press conference was over.

In what was a very exciting race, an impressive drive by Vettel has now gone up in smoke after he was stripped of his second-place finish.

This was due to race officials being unable to take a one-litre fuel sample from his car in the aftermath of the race.

Regulations state that drivers must be able to provide at least that figure at any point during proceedings, however, Vettel only had 0.3 litres of fuel to his name.

Aston Martin appealed the decision but as things stand, Hamilton was bumped up to second place, while Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz was promoted to third.

The Brit now has a six-point lead in the F1 driver’s championship over Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, who could only manage a ninth place finish in Hungary.

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