Red Bull launch internal investigations for leak amid Aston Martin copying row

Red Bull are focusing their attention on an international investigation to find any possible leak of intellectual property as the fallout from their copying row with Aston Martin continues.

An updated design was unveiled by Aston Martin prior to the Barcelona Grand Prix and caused a stir in the Formula One pitlane, with Red Bull accusing their rivals of copying their own design.

Aston Martin remain adamant that hasn't occurred, with an FIA investigation also clearing the team of any wrongdoing, but Red Bull's concerns continue – particularly due to the fact a number of their employees were poached from the Silverstone team during the close season.

Red Bull responded to the FIA investigation by saying it was noted 'with interest' but that a transfer of any IP would be of 'serious concern' and the team's technical director Pierre Wache revealed the focus was ensuring no IP leak occurred.

“For us, the main aspect was to be sure that it was done within the rules. The FIA checked, and it looks like [it was]. We on our side now are to check that we don’t have any IP leak," Wache said per Motorsport.

"That is the main asset of the team. We want to make sure of that, that is what we are investigating at the moment. As a personal engineering aspect, it was satisfying that a team copied us. It means our concept is not so bad. We just want to be sure that we protect ourselves, and on the budget cap, the main aspect of the budget is IP, and we want to make sure that how we spend our money is secure and our assets are secure.

“In terms of action with the FIA, I think the response from the FIA is clear. It looks like the car itself and the way to achieve it was legal, and we won’t do any more action on this aspect until we find something on our side.”

The flow of team members to Aston Martin has been a cause for concern but, rather than the transfer of ideas, it's whether there was any documentation leak that is the focus: “It’s like a football team, the football players are the engineers in this business.

"I think it’s not what we are after, it’s more if we have some electronic file leak in the system that we cannot control what the people do, and whether people transfer what they know. You cannot unlearn something. That is not something we are after.”

Red Bull's focus will now be on the track, where the revival of Mercedes poses a threat to them and Ferrari in the hunt for the titles this season.

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