‘Betrayed, but mostly heartbroken’: Kerevi, Cooper respond to spring tour mess

Samu Kerevi and Quade Cooper have taken to Instagram to express a desire to remain Wallabies in 2022 and beyond following their late withdrawal from the spring tour.

The Wallabies on Thursday confirmed Cooper would stay with Kerevi and Sean McMahon in Japan, rather than linking up with the rest of the squad in the UK this weekend.

Quade Cooper, Samu Kerevi and Sean McMahon are all returning to their Japanese clubs and missing the Wallabies’ spring tour.Credit:Getty, Getty, Supplied

The trio have been accused of putting club before country, and they felt strongly enough about the matter to respond via social media.

“I’ve changed what I’ve wanted to write on this post many times. I’ve felt angry, sad, confused, betrayed but mostly heart broken,” Kerevi wrote.

“I’m trying my best to let God take control instead of letting my emotions take over… But be careful, God has a way of bringing out the TRUTH one way or the other. He has his ways of humbling us all!

“I thank my club @sungoliath_official for allowing me this opportunity during my holiday to continue to pursue that dream.

“I cherish my time in the Wallaby gold and having this opportunity to again represent this country has been amazing. Most importantly my teammates who we grow with each day through the highs and lows & Dave and his staff for their efforts the past few months.

“It’s never any one players jersey! You need strong shoulders when you put that jersey on because you carry the history of all the players of the past that paid it forward as I will one day leave it for the next. That time may be now and if it is, I will forever be grateful to have had played a part in the Wallaby journey.

“One thing, don’t ever question my love for it!”

Cooper expressed similar motions soon after Kerevi’s post.

“My growth as a man is being able to admit I’m hurt,” he wrote.

“It hurts that I won’t be on tour to Europe with my teammates, especially after experiencing so much growth and overcoming challenges each week.

“I’m hurt that I couldn’t please everyone and keep both my employer and country happy. But although I am hurting now, the happiness I feel from my journey to this point far outweighs the hurt.

“I am so thankful to everyone, from my club @hanazono_kintetsu_liners for allowing me to play for Australia again, to Renz and the @wallabies staff for inviting me in to what proved to be an incredible atmosphere and for all your efforts the past few months but most of all to my teammates and brothers.

“We challenge each other to be better each day and as a result we saw enormous growth both as men and as athletes. Thank you for making the last few months possible.

“This journey has no finish line and my efforts to continue to walk this path will not change.

“What’s meant to be will be .”

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