Momirovski and Grant in limbo but loan deal still on the cards

Wests Tigers back Paul Momirovski and Storm forward Harry Grant could switch cities less than a week before round one, as a landmark loan deal between the two clubs continues to be negotiated.

The deal was all but dead last month, with the NRL warned Momirovski's contract would push the Storm over the salary cap by $15,000.

Paul Momirovski is not getting excited about a potential switch until it happens.Credit:Getty

"We were both expecting to go, we did not think it would be blocked by the NRL or anything like that, but we're back on," Momirovski said.

The Tigers are sceptical as to whether Melbourne will release Grant in time for round one, but both players are eager to make the deal happen at some point during the season.

"At the end of the day, me and Harry aren't just pawns in a game,' Momirovski said. "We just both want to play first grade – and that's what is happening here."

The 23-year-old said he was an advocate for introducing the player swaps into the NRL, adamant it would add "value" to the game.

"It gives players and club a lot of freedom and opportunity, especially a young kid signing at a young age and wanting to be the club long term, but might get an opportunity somewhere else," Momirovski said. "That just makes sense to me and it makes sense a lot of people."

The Tigers back said he has had to prove to Michael Maguire his dedication to the club over the past months while discussions were ongoing, as he continues to train with the black and orange jersey.

"It's definitely been a rollercoaster," Momirovski said. "It's only been a few weeks since it was completely cancelled by the NRL … my situation hasn't really changed. I'm just waiting for that phone call."

For the boy from Belmore, Momirovski said the move to Melbourne was less about the money and more about a change of environment.

"I've grown up in Sydney, been in Sydney my whole life. Sometimes a change to a different city for a short amount of time can really spark something and can really spur me on," he said.

Grant would take up Robbie Farah's spot in the No. 9 jersey if he made his way to Sydney.

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