Cesc Fabregas reveals funny N'Golo Kante story from their Chelsea days

N’Golo Kante was once late for a team meeting at Chelsea because he politely posed for pics with fans despite just being in a CAR CRASH that damaged his beloved Mini, reveals Cesc Fabregas, as he backs French star to shine at Euro 2020

  • N’Golo Kante’s Mini collided with a lorry on the King’s Road back in 2018
  • The Chelsea midfielder was unharmed but his car suffered some damage 
  • Kante took time to pose for pictures with passing fans despite the accident
  • This kindness to the fans made him late for a team meeting ahead of a semi-final
  • Former team-mate Fabregas recalled the story to highlight Kante’s character 
  • France open their Euro 2020 campaign when they take on Germany on Tuesday 
  • Find out the latest Euro 2020 news including fixtures, live action and results here.

Cesc Fabregas has revealed how nice guy N’Golo Kante stopped to pose for photographs with fans despite just being involved in a car crash that damaged his beloved Mini.

The modest Chelsea star, who preferred his £20,000 second-hand Mini Cooper S to a flashy sports car, collided with a lorry on the King’s Road while driving to Stamford Bridge in January 2018.

One of the car’s wing mirrors was knocked off and there was damage to a wheel arch but Kante was unharmed and he even took time to speak with fans as he waited by the roadside.

Cesc Fabregas has recalled a story about N’Golo Kante from their Chelsea days in which the midfielder was late for a team meeting because of a car accident 

Kante pranged his beloved Mini Cooper S after colliding with a lorry while driving to Chelsea

The crash meant Kante was late to a Chelsea team meeting ahead of a League Cup semi-final against Arsenal and former team-mate Fabregas used the tale as an example of how selfless the midfielder is.

‘Everybody knows he is a really good human being,’ Fabregas wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

‘One day, we met in the morning, we were playing at night, and everyone was ‘where’s N’Golo, where’s N’Golo, we’re starting the meeting’ and normally he was always on time.

‘Eventually, he arrived and everyone started clapping and Antonio [Rudiger] said ‘what’s happened?’

‘And he was telling us that he’s had a car crash and some people couldn’t believe it was him and they were taking pictures and he wanted to be polite.

Fabregas and Kante were team-mates and played together in the Chelsea midfield 

Kante will aim to cap another outstanding season by delivering Euros glory for France

‘His car was all damaged and the wing mirror had to be taped back on, but he still stopped for photographs, even though it made him late!’

Kante is set to feature in France’s Euro 2020 opener against Germany in Munich on Tuesday night and enters the tournament off the back of another excellent season for Chelsea which culminated in Champions League success.

Kante spoke about his choice of a modest set of wheels back in 2017: ‘I’ve never been someone who loves a car and when I was young I didn’t have the ambition of a car or something like that.

‘But my Mini, for the beginning, was good to learn to drive on the left.

Modest hero Kante lifts the Champions League trophy after Chelsea’s win over Man City

Kante will be integral to France’s hopes of adding the European Championship to the World Cup they won in Russia three years back

‘I got it in Leicester. And I still have it now. But it’s good.’

Fabregas wrote that himself and Eden Hazard gave Kante a Brazilian style nickname of ‘N’Golinho’ because of his incredible performances.

‘Obviously it was a bit of fun but it showed how highly we rated N’Golo and how we appreciated some of the parts of his game that maybe other people didn’t see,’ he said.

‘Now everyone sees what an incredible player he is and, even if France do not win the Euros, N’Golinho is one of the greatest-ever players in his position.’

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