Coronavirus: Players must sign consent for group training

Premier League players will be required to provide written confirmation that they agree to their club’s new safety measures before they return to group training, Sky Sports News has confirmed.

Clubs are required to conduct an occupational health risk assessment by Friday May 15 and make results available to the Premier League on request.

The updated draft guidance, issued by Premier League director of football Richard Garlick, was dated in advance of a shareholders meeting on Monday.

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Garlick’s protocols may yet be updated and must be agreed by all clubs.

Each club must ensure players and members of staff have provided written confirmation that they have received, and agree to be bound by, the terms of a new Covid-19 policy, which includes a framework to support the education and familiarisation of all players and staff.

Each club must also appoint a ‘Designated Covid-19 Officer’, who cannot be a member of their medical staff.

The officer must be a senior employee, unconnected to a club’s medical team, or an external consultant or specialist.

If a player or member of staff has shown symptoms and tests positive for coronavirus, they must self-isolate for seven days before a further test.

If a player or member of staff has shown symptoms but tests negative for coronavirus, they must still isolate for seven days before a further test.

In all cases, they will not be allowed to return to the training ground during that period.

Players and staff who have travelled outside the UK after March 23 will only be allowed to return to the training ground provided they have remained in the UK for an uninterrupted period of two weeks and/or submitted a negative Antigen Test after their return.

Players and members of staff returning to the UK from abroad should follow the Government’s instructions and conditions of entry, including social distancing and essential activity guidelines from the time of returning to the UK until the return date of training.

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