Fans in hysterics as video of Richard Keys wearing questionable suits goes viral

Fans have been left in hysterics after old video footage emerged of Richard Keys wearing awful outfits.

The football presenter and journalist, 65, is one of the most well-known in the business, having formerly been the face of Sky Sports and now featured on Qatari broadcaster beIN sports. Keys’ decades of TV appearances have seen him cover some of the biggest Premier League and Champions League games, but may have now come back to bite him.

Twitter account Bryan’s Gunn took to the social media site on Thursday to post a montage of old clips from the 1990s, where Keys can be seen wearing a collection of dazzling colourful outfits.

The very best (or arguably worst) of his collection over the years included orange, red and yellow suits, patterned ties and the occasional jumper, which unsurprisingly left fans in heaps of laughter.

One Twitter user wrote: “He looks like the world’s worst estate agent.”

Another commented: “The only thing that stayed the same was immaculate hair.”

A third added: “That is superb.”

Which do you think is the best/worst Richard Keys retro outfit? Let us know in the comments section.

Another joked: “I think he lent some of them to Boyz II Men for one of their TOTP performances a few weeks back.”

The retro look did not appeal to everyone, with one fan mockingly comparing it to Alan Partridge’s own famous assortment of wacky outfits. Yet Keys himself appeared to be proud of his old look, having retweeted the brilliant video clip to his 250,000 followers.

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