Football considers extending half-time to 25 minutes for Super Bowl shows

The International Football Association Board are set to discuss the possibly of extending half-time intervals from 15 to 25 minutes which could lead to Super Bowl-style entertainment shows.

Football's lawmakers will meet on Thursday for their Annual Business Meeting, and could discuss what would be a momentous change in protocol after a brainwave from CONMEBOL chiefs.

The South American governing body believe that competitions such as the Copa Libertadores would benefit from a longer half-time interval, despite a similar request being rejected in 2009.

Should the move progress, it could lead to musical acts during half-time of major finals like the FA Cup showpiece, which is a staple feature of the Super Bowl each year.

The Weeknd's 2021 show prompted almost as much discussion as the game itself on social media, with advertisers said to be paying £4.1m for a 30-second advert.

While usual NFL half-times last just 12 minutes, they can be up to half an hour for the Super Bowl, but that is not likely to be repeated in football.

The Mail report that although the agenda for Thursday's FIFA-led meeting does not mention Law 7, that it will be discussed at some point during the virtual chat.

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Law 7 states that 'players are entitled to an interval at half-time, not exceeding 15 minutes', and previous attempts to change that suggest a similar outcome this week.

There are concerns over increased injury risk for players due to a longer half-time break, although CONMEBOL believe that the remaining 45 minutes would be an improved spectacle.

They are said to think that coaches would be able to impart more knowledge during the longer interval, which would improve the tactics of the remaining period.

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