Gary Lineker recalls worst ever mistake on live TV over Muslim player

Gary Lineker has opened up about the worst mistake he ever made while broadcasting, labelling the error “a real ‘f***, what have you done’ moment”.

The Match of the Day presenter has come in for criticism because of his tweets in the past but the biggest gaffe he ever made took place while presenting Al Jazeera’s coverage of the Champions League .

Recalling the incident in an interview with the Daily Mail , Lineker said: “You're always one sentence from disaster. It's the world we live in.

“Of course, I worry that one day it could be me. A couple of times I've done things that were misconstrued [on Twitter] and I've deleted them later, but nothing career threatening.

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“The worst thing that ever happened, a real 'f***, what have you done' moment was presenting for Al Jazeera.

“I’d been doing the Champions League for them in London. We'd show a group game and then a round up of the rest of the matches.

“Some would have commentary, others would just arrive and all I would know is the name of the goal-scorer.

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“Haven't seen the footage, but I've got to voice it live. It's tricky.

“We cut to this game, two teams you wouldn't recognise, this fella scores and the picture you see, his face is pressed into the ground.

“So I've said, ‘And to celebrate — he's eating grass!’ Bit of laughter in the gallery, I thought it was just a little silliness.

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“He's praying, isn't he? It's a Muslim prayer. I get in the car going home and I can see this building up.

“‘He does this regularly… it's his religion … how can you be so ignorant…’ And it was big over there and I had to apologise — but it was a genuine mistake.”

Meanwhile, Lineker also lifted the lid on his feud with legendary Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson .

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