Jake Humphrey branded ‘spanner’ over 5am LinkedIn post on ‘world class basics’

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    BT Sport television host Jake Humphrey has been branded a “spanner” after his “world class basics” post on Linkedin.

    The broadcaster is never afraid to pass on some wisdom and advice to other people aspiring to get to the top of their industry. However, a very lengthy post talking about what he refers to as ‘world class basics’ has struck many wrong chords in the social media world.

    Part of his so-called ‘basics’ include waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning, drinking plenty of water, and spending 10 minutes planning a list for the day, while everybody is asleep. It's hard to argue this formula hasn't worked for Humphrey, as he has carved himself a very significant place in the media and broadcasting world.

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    Nevertheless, the world of Twitter has not reacted well to his advice. “It’s too early Jake, give it a rest,” one person on Twitter commented.

    “What is it with people who wake up super early out of choice, that means they have to tell everyone how much of a better person than everyone else they are,” another added.

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    “I genuinely don't know what the end goal is for someone like Jake Humphrey. Live everyday like that until you hit 110 and then die? We all know the only goal in life is to have fun and, if possible, outlive your enemies. People like this need a sit down and a pint,” one very passionate person responded, while also passing on some of their own personal advice.

    More concise digs at the Premier League presenter also added, “Oh my God Jake, shut up,” before a baffled social media user asked, “what the hell is he on about?”

    And in and amongst the criticisms, questions, and ironic pieces of life advice being passed by people slating Humphrey for doing just that, one person simply wrote, “Jake Humphrey really is a spanner isn’t he?”

    Whether you like reading his opinions or not, Humphrey and Professor Damian Hughes boast 146,000 YouTube subscribers on their ‘High Performance Podcast’ and a further 83,500 followers on Instagram.

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