Klopp demands improvement from Liverpool despite Premier League record

Jurgen Klopp has told his unbeaten Liverpool side that they have plenty of scope for improvement.

Already European and world champions, Liverpool travel to Watford knowing victory over the bottom three club would put them within three wins of a first title in 30 years.

The German perfectionist has guided the Reds to an incredible haul of 79 points from a possible 81 this season.

But he says that there is still more of that hard work to deliver, because no matter how perfect their record this season, performances can still be a lot better.

“There is still a lot of work to do and a lot of space for improvement,” said the Liverpool boss. “You see our games and result wise it looks okay but performance-wise there is a lot of space for improvement.

“In the long term there is a lot of space for improvement. Result consistency is maybe difficult to improve because that is close to perfection, obviously, but it is possible to improve the performances in all departments.

“Offensively, defensively, reacting, using your own opportunities like set-pieces, defending set-pieces better. There are so many things you can improve that that will never end. Probably.”

His view of Liverpool’s performances have been echoed in recent weeks by those who say they are winning without playing particularly well.

They have won by a single goal against the bottom two Premier League clubs, and sandwiched a European defeat by Atletico Madrid in-between.

But Klopp says it is wrong to say there has been a dip in performance. “You see our points and you think they have to be perfect. But we don’t expect that. We have to deal with all sorts of different things.

“During the week you cannot imagine how many different things happen that you will never be aware of, nobody will tell you. That it is our life every day – private or professional problems so many things influence the boys.

“In the end there are 90 minutes where we have to ignore all of that and you to play football. So that is what the boys did. And I saw always the best possible in this moment, not always 100 per cent but never less than 90 per cent.

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