Man City fans celebrate as Bovril find loophole in "scandalous" ban on drink

The Bovril Brigade came to the rescue of outraged Manchester City fans after the reigning Premier League champions caused carnage by banning the beloved beverage from the Etihad stadium.

City supporters were not just celebrating on the pitch following their 7-0 hammering of Leeds on Tuesday night, but there were also scenes of jubilation off it after Bovril answered fans' calls to bring the hot beefy broth back.

The club's supporters took to social media en-masse to vent their anger following City's "scandalous" decision to axe the traditional tipple from their list of goodies available at the ground.

In response, Bovril sent in their own Brigade, fully equipped with #BringBackBovril banners, to provide City's drinks-deprived fanbase with free cups of the classic refreshment pre-match.

Upon discovering that City had opted to snub selling the beverage, one fan tweeted: “No Bovril on a cold day at the football is absolutely scandalous… What’s going on Manchester City?”

The frustration was shared by fellow supporters with another declaring: “We need to get it reinstated on the drinks menu. A football match is not a football match without a cup of piping hot Bovril!”

Another fan tweeted: "We want our Bovril back, Manchester City. Make it so!"

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While it wasn't the club who came it the rescue, it was the major drinks brand themselves, distributing Bovril-themed clappers, t-shirts, and facemasks as "Bring Back Bovril!" chants echoed outside the Etihad.

Brand Manager at Bovril, Mary Fulford said: “For 120 years, Bovril has been linked to the beautiful game of football – we all know and love it for warming the terraces at clubs up and down the country.

"As soon as we heard about the bovver with fans unable to enjoy a hot Bovril while they watch the match, we knew we had to do something about it!

“Our Bovril Brigade descended upon the Etihad to give fans what they wanted and ensured that no one forgets the beefy support for a Bovril bevvie at the football."

She added: "Not only do we want our cold nights in Stoke, but we want our warm nights at City, too!”

Will Pep Guardiola and Manchester City be 'bovvered'? Perhaps not, but their supporters certainly are.

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