Referee and VAR discussions could soon be heard by fans in potential law change

The use of VAR in the Premier League could be adapted to appease fans after a difficult introduction period.

Many fans have opposed the waiting times and lack of clarity over decisions including mistaken identity, red cards, penalties and dubious goals.

As of February 27 there had been 83 total overturns, 21 of which leading to goals and 44 chalking them off.

In what could be a momentous update in future usage, supporters could be about to hear the deliberation between the on field referee and the team at Stockley Park via loudspeakers in stadium.

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According to Sky Sports, lawmakers are considering making the switch so spectators are aware why a decision is being made, which could act in a similar way to intentional Rugby Union fixtures.

Former referee David Elleray recently gave his thoughts on the implementation of Video Assistant Referees, and noted that lessons have been learned following a difficult start.

Elleray told Sky Sports News: “I think most people would say that it hasn't been a howling success [in English football].

"But many lessons have been learned and those lessons will be put into place next year.

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"I think we've been aware, over the last four years or so, of VAR that any competition that has started using it, it hasn't always gone well at the beginning. They've adjusted, they've modified."

One element of VAR use that has been brought into question is the refusal of referees to use the on-pitch monitors, and Elleray believes they could be scrapped before the 2020/21 campaign begins.

"I think English football's use of pitchside monitors has been different from most other competitions in the world," he added.

"It rarely works when one group is doing something very differently from the rest of the world so I would anticipate some changes in the future.

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"It's impossible for any major changes to take place during this season because, clearly, the integrity of the competition means that the way matches are being controlled so far couldn't change. But I would anticipate a change next season.

"The benefit of the pitchside monitors is very much that the referee remains at the centre of the decision-making process.

“The referee's authority is maintained and, also, the referee on the field feels the atmosphere, understands what goes on.

"Whereas somebody away in a van can be in a slightly more, almost, antiseptic, hermetically sealed environment where, perhaps, they can be too forensic."

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