Sheikh Jassim must be next owner of Man Utd after Avram Glazer details emerge

LGBTQ+ activist concerned by potential Qatari takeover of Man Utd

Reports on Monday have claimed Avram Glazer has pocketed £500,000 via expenses for two trips to London. And that behaviour shows why Manchester United need to see the back of the American and his five siblings for good. Sheikh Jassim is the only candidate ready to remove the family from power – and the Qatari billionaire has the backing of many supporters as he looks to seal the biggest takeover in sporting history.

Glazer has made two trips to England in recent times. The first was in February, to watch United beat Newcastle to secure Carabao Cup glory, with the second last week as he attended the WSL final between the Red Devils and Chelsea.

But, despite the family having a net worth pushing the £4billion mark, the 62-year-old didn’t fork out for those flights on a private jet himself.

Instead, Glazer opted to expense his two trips at an overall cost of £500,000. Even in an industry that operates within it’s own bubble, that’s rather outrageous.

It is just the latest incident of a member of the controversial family rinsing United for all they’re worth. They’re a cash cow now, something many have known since their own purchase of the club all the way back in 2005.

And while Ratcliffe is willing to let Joel and Avram Glazer stay in reduced roles under his ownership, Sheikh Jassim wants them gone for good.

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The Qatari billionaire has made four offers for the club so far, bypassing the Raine Group – who have been overseeing the process – with his latest bid on Friday.

Sheikh Jassim’s bid obviously carries it’s own problems. Would United, for example, become tied to other Qatari teams such as Paris Saint-Germain and Sporting Braga?

And then there’s the obvious human rights issues that, without a shadow of the doubt, need to be addressed.

Much has been made of the way Qatar treats minorities. Many immigrants died building their stadiums for the World Cup, members of the LGBTQ community remain vilified and women still don’t have the same freedoms as in the western world.

But the brutal truth of the matter is that the Premier League is seemingly fine with state-owned clubs, providing all the paperwork is right.

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They have allowed Abu Dhabi to rule the roost at Manchester City ever since 2008, with United’s fiercest rivals now the biggest superpower in the country.

That’s despite homosexuality being a crime punishable by death, while Muslim women are not permitted to marry non-Muslims – with that crime deemed one of ‘fornication’.

And the Premier League didn’t step in prevent Newcastle from falling into the hands of Saudi Arabia, either.

It is right to question Qatar. Of course it is.

Express Sport were in attendance for the World Cup and there was an artificial feel to the place, as though trying to portray something it isn’t deep down.

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But when the people in the power positions have already set a dangerous precedent, what can be done?

Under Ratcliffe, brothers Joel and Avram would stay at United in reduced roles.

But they’d still be able to profit from the club, something they’ve done unashamedly for the past 18 years.

That Glazer, a man with the riches he possesses, put his journeys to watch the team under expenses during a cost of living crisis is utterly disgraceful.

The people of Manchester, like every other area in the country, are struggling as prices and inflation rise.

Allowing the Glazers to stay on would be a spit in the race to those who pay for their season tickets year in, year out.

But Sheikh Jassim only wants 100 per cent control.

There would be no Glazers leeching off United. Instead, there would be a promise of substantial investment – something the Red Devils have had to cope without for the best part of two decades.

United are a football club. Yes they’re a brand as well but, fundamentally, they exist to kick a ball around and to act as a staple for the local community.

Having such parasitic owners has set them back. Sheikh Jassim won’t allow that to continue – but there’s still no guarantee he’ll end up winning the race. 

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