Tomasz Kuszczak had ‘tears in his eyes’ after shouting back at Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson's famous hairdryer treatment once left Tomasz Kuszczak in tears while thinking that his Manchester United contract was at risk – but the legendary Scot later felt the need to apologise.

The 39-year-old former Poland international goalkeeper made 61 appearances for the Red Devils between 2006 and 2012, winning three Premier League titles and the Champions League.

Having called time on his career back in 2019, Kuszczak has now opened up about what it was like to work for one of the greatest managers in the history of the game in Sir Alex.

While corroborating that Ferguson could really lose his temper after watching his team slip to defeat, Kuszczak was in the firing line after their 4-0 capitulation at West Ham in the quarter-finals of the 2010 League Cup.

Kuszczak, speaking exclusively to Ladbrokes at its launch of the 5-A-Side Bet on Man United v Liverpool, said of his time working under Ferguson: "There are always different stories coming out from ex-players about Sir Alex Ferguson going mad in the dressing room – and of course I've seen it myself on many occasions.

"Those dressing rooms are full of adrenaline at the end of games, and obviously there's a lot of negative energy after games where the result doesn't go your way.

"Whenever that happened, we as players would often say things or do things which, in hindsight, may have cost us our place in the team, or even our contracts.

"I've seen many different actions from Sir Alex in the dressing room after games.

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"At times he'd be really mad, shouting and swearing at players, kicking things around, and the players respond to it – because we're human beings. It doesn't matter how old you are, and with that adrenaline and negative energy sometimes we'd respond and lose our tempers.

"My first real incident with him came after a League Cup game against West Ham. We lost the game 4-0, and after the game, he walked into the dressing room and just started shouting at me.

"Every swear word you could think of, he was throwing at me. I was sitting there, calmly, thinking 'I did nothing wrong in this game'.

"There weren't any goals I was particularly at fault for, so I couldn't blame myself. If I made a mistake I'd always hold my hands up, so on this occasion I couldn't understand why he was going for me.

"He kept shouting at me and I started to get angry, so I decided to respond. I thought I'd give it back to him the same way he gave it to me.

"I stood up and started to shout at him, and then all of a sudden I see Ryan Giggs standing right behind the boss, and I look into his eyes, he's shaking his head at me.

"I could see he was thinking 'don't do it – sit down!'. All of a sudden I sat down, everyone in the dressing room was nervous, I was nervous, there were tears in my eyes.

"The next day I made sure I was in training before everyone else. That was easy because I didn't sleep at all. I waited for Fergie to get to the training ground and I apologised to him for my behaviour.

"He put a hand on my shoulder and said 'no problem'.

"He admitted he went over the line as well, and told me he'd watched the game afterwards and realised he shouldn't have gone for me like he did.

"He said 'are we still friends?' I said 'of course we are, boss.'"

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