Travel bans could force clubs to forfeit European games next season

Clubs participating in next season’s European competitions could be made to forfeit matches if they fail to inform UEFA of travel restrictions.

It comes as European football’s governing body said it would publish a list of known travel restrictions between countries before the start of each draw.

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Clubs would then have to notify UEFA of any other unknown or additional restrictions at least 48 hours before the draw.

Failure to do so within the time limit could lead to forfeiture and an automatic 3-0 defeat, UEFA’s guidelines have warned.

“If a club fails to inform the UEFA administration two days prior to the relevant draw of any restrictions other than those published by UEFA, the club will be held responsible and the match will be declared to be forfeited by the club in question,” UEFA said in a statement.

UEFA also said that if a club was drawn against an opponent that was not allowed to travel to the country, then it must find an appropriate neutral venue in which to stage the home fixture.

If the home club failed to propose a suitable alternative venue it would have to forfeit the game, UEFA’s rules stipulate.

The new guidelines have been released as clubs in the Champions League and Europa League are gearing up to return to European action this month.

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