West Ham fan cycled 500km for Europa League clash but doesnt have a ticket

One West Ham fan has gone above and beyond in hopes of seeing his team reach the Europa League final on Thursday.

Hammers fan Brand Bennett cycled 500km from Hamburg to Frankfurt – a 30-hour effort – to see his side. Speaking to Sky Sports, Bennett said: "If there's a will, there's a way, and vice-versa, or whatever.

"Yeah, I came here by bike, just a bike and myself, that's it, and I'm here." He added: "I started in Poland, actually. I watched the first leg in Poland and by circumstance my friend was going to Hamburg… so I caught a ride to Hamburg.

"He said he had a bike, and I put two and two together: Bike, Hamburg to Frankfurt, I don't know, maybe 30 hours cycling, I thought let's do it.

"I left on Tuesday afternoon and here I am now. My legs are burning I can't even stand really, the seat, I'm going to say anything about sitting on the hard seat, but yeah, terrible."

Bennett made it to Frankfurt on Thursday morning, tweeting: "I finally made it to Frankfurt after a cold cycle through the morning from Marburg, so happy to finally be here after 3 days on the road."

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The Hammers face as tough a challenge as Bennett's bike ride on Thursday evening, with David Moyes' side down on aggregate.

Jarrod's Bowen goal remains a lifeline for the Hammers, who are looking to reach their first major European final since their 1976 loss to Anderlecht in the 1976 Cup Winners Cup final.


West Ham did reach the 1999 Intertoto Cup final, again in a losing effort to French side Metz.

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