Zinedine Zidane clashes with Spanish reporter in fiery exchange

‘Are you still asking the same dumb questions as before?’: Zinedine Zidane clashes with Spanish reporter as former Real Madrid boss responds angrily to being asked about open letter to fans after Los Blancos exit

  • Zinedine Zidane clashed with a reporter following his exit from Real Madrid 
  • The Frenchman, 48, claimed he no longer had the support of Madrid chiefs 
  • A reporter asked Zidane about the letter but was met with a fiery response
  • Zidane said the reporter is ‘shameful’ and took him for a chat off-camera 

Zinedine Zidane took umbrage with a reporter asking ‘the same dumb questions’ regarding his Real Madrid departure as the Frenchman was involved in a terse exchange after leaving the Spanish giants.

Zidane, 48, walked away from Los Blancos for a second time after a campaign in which the club failed to win a trophy. 

The Frenchman penned an open letter to supporters reflecting on his second stint at the club, claiming that while he had the backing of the dressing room, he felt a lack of support from Madrid president Florentino Perez. 

Zinedine Zidane clashed with a Spanish reporter in a tense exchange over his Real Madrid exit

The Frenchman left the Spanish giants at the conclusion of an underwhelming 2020-21 season

Madrid have since re-appointed Carlo Ancelotti as boss while Zidane mulls over his options, and the three-time Champions League winning manager was involved in a fiery back-and-forth with a familiar reporter while enjoying some downtime. 

‘Mister, how are you? How is everything? Did it go wrong at the end of Real Madrid with the letter?’ the reporter asks in footage obtained by Spanish news outlet Directo Gol TV. 

‘Are you still asking the same dumb questions as before?’ Zidane fires back. ‘No, only a question about the letter,’ the reporter responds. 

In an open letter to fans, Zidane explained that he felt a lack of support from Madrid chiefs

Zidane was spotted out and about and was asked a question about his open letter to the fans

Zidane fired back, saying the reporter asks ‘the same questions’ and his job is ‘shameful’

The Frenchman said he recognised the reporter and that it ‘always happens with us’

Zidane then says he wants to talk to the reporter off camera and they are seen walking away

‘You are going to ask the same questions. Your job is shameful,’ the Frenchman retaliates. 

The reporter says: ‘I didn’t ask anything else, simply the question…’ 

But an unimpressed Zidane interrupts: ‘I know you and you know me. The same thing always happens to us. Come here, come here, come talk to me. You go.’

Zidane takes the reporter by the arm and gestures to the cameraman to move away as the pair are seen walking together into the distance.  

The 48-year-old had made explosive remarks on his open letter to fans, saying the club ‘no longer has the faith in me I need’ and ‘everything I built has been forgotten’.

Madrid have since moved to appoint Carlo Ancelotti as the new manager on a three year deal

‘In May 2018 I left because after two and a half years, with so many victories and so many trophies, I felt the team needed a new approach to stay at the very highest level,’ Zidane explained, via AS.

‘Right now, things are different. I’m leaving because I feel the club no longer has the faith in me I need, nor the support to build something in the medium or long term.

‘I understand football and I know the demands of a club like Real Madrid. I know when you don’t win, you have to leave.

‘But with this a very important thing has been forgotten, everything I built day-to-day has been forgotten, what I brought to my relationships with the players, with the 150 people who work with and around the team.’  

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