John Fury launches a BOTTLE at KSI for goading his son Tommy

KSI SPITS at John Fury after he launched a bottle at him for goading his son Tommy at their open workout ahead of the pair’s grudge match on Saturday night

  • KSI and Tommy Fury had their open workouts on Wednesday ahead of their fight
  • KSI proceeded to goad Fury, leading to his dad John throwing a bottle
  • KSI ducked for cover and then leaned over the balcony to spit at Fury Snr 

KSI ensured fight week for his grudge match with Tommy Fury got off to a controversial start by spitting at his rival’s dad John at the pair’s open workout on Wednesday night.

KSI and Tommy are set to face each other at the AO Arena in Manchester on Saturday in one of crossover boxing’s biggest ever fights, and fans got the chance to see them go through their paces three days before the main event.

After working up a sweat on the pads, Tommy sat down for an interview with his dad, but their conversation was interrupted by KSI goading his opponent from the overlooking balcony.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer refused to stop, and Fury Snr finally ran out of patience. Getting to his feet, he threw a bottle up towards the balcony, forcing KSI to duck for cover.

Having avoided being hit by the bottle, KSI then leaned over the balcony and spat in John’s direction.

John Fury (centre) points up at KSI after launching a bottle at him on Wednesday night

KSI ducked for cover as Fury Snr threw a bottle up towards the balcony he was standing on

KSI then spat from the balcony in John’s direction, and angry words were exchanged between the pair

He failed to find his target, but angry words were exchanged between the pair as tensions continue to rise ahead of Saturday’s main event.

John is no stranger to getting involved in his son’s fights in some way, shape or form.

The first press conference for Tommy’s fight with KSI was brought to an abrupt end in August when John flipped and smashed tables after losing his cool.

He apologised the following day in an online video, admitting his behaviour was ‘unacceptable’.

He also famously went back and forth with Deontay Wilder ahead of his trilogy with another of John’s sons, WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

John is now 59 years of age, but still feels he is in good fighting shape, and has called for an exhibition bout with former heavyweight king Mike Tyson.

But first, he is set to be at ringside when Tommy takes on KSI, and the animosity between the two camps looks to have only increased after Wednesday night’s incident.

John Fury also smashed and flipped tables at the initial press conference back in August

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